Top 6 benefits of staying hydrated with lemon water

Water is necessary to almost all major systems in the body, and today, there’s an increasing number of smart water bottles and health applications designed to remind you to stay hydrated always. While a lot of emphasis is being placed on drinking enough fluids, but then not enough solid information is available on the recommended amount of water to be consumed daily and the key bene [...]

12 December 2018

Your guide to splurging and saving this season

(NC) The holidays are all about celebrations and gift-giving. But all the festivities can mean you end up spending more than you wanted to. Avoid impulse buys and January regrets with this guide to spending and saving. Splurge. Buying in bulk can save you in the long run, even if it costs more upfront. For items you’ll need plenty of like wrapping paper and greeting cards, get that [...]

07 November 2018

Leonardo da Vinci’s genius may be rooted in a common eye disorder, new study says

For centuries, people have theorized about the source of Leonardo da Vinci’s artistic genius. Just how was he able to so accurately capture depth and perspective on a flat canvas? New research suggests da Vinci’s unmatched talent may in part be the result of his ability to see the world differently — literally. There is now evidence that da Vinci’s renowned capacity to reproduc [...]

23 October 2018

How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town

These days, walking through parts of Manhattan feels like occupying two worlds at the same time. In a theoretical universe, you are standing in the nation’s capital of business, commerce, and culture. In the physical universe, the stores are closed, the lights are off, and the windows are plastered with for-lease signs. Long stretches of famous thoroughfares—like Bleecker Stree [...]

18 October 2018

6 Pressure Points for Anxiety Relief

Understanding anxiety Most people experience anxiety at some point in their life. You might experience mild symptoms when facing a challenging or stressful situation. You might also have more severe, long-lasting symptoms that impact your daily life, including: feelings of panic, fear, or worry restlessness difficulty concentrating difficulty falling asleep or s [...]

18 October 2018

Genome Hackers Show No One’s DNA Is Anonymous Anymore

In 2013, a young computational biologist named Yaniv Erlich shocked the research world by showing it was possible to unmask the identities of people listed in anonymous genetic databases using only an Internet connection. Policymakers responded by restricting access to pools of anonymized biomedical genetic data. An NIH official said at the time, “The chances of this happening for most people ar [...]

16 October 2018

Avez-vous déjà pensé à lancer une mini-entreprise?

(EN) Vous souhaitez peut-être enseigner le yoga ou offrir vos services comme promeneur de chiens, ou encore vendre un produit spécialisé comme des plantes grasses? Quelle qu’elle soit, cette idée de lancer votre propre entreprise n’a jamais été aussi attrayante. Les gens qui occupent un emploi cherchent de plus en plus à avoir une autre source de revenus… et de satisfaction. [...]

14 October 2018

Éliminez le stress du temps des Fêtes en gérant vos dettes

(EN) C’est vrai, rien de plus agréable que la période des Fêtes. Mais ce temps de l’année  peut aussi causer son lot de stress! Ce ne sont pas que les achats de dernière minute, la dinde trop cuite et les guirlandes emmêlées qui minent la joie du temps des Fêtes. Les cadeaux coûtent cher, surtout quand on célèbre en famille. Qui n’a jamais ressenti la pression d’ê [...]

14 October 2018

Turmeric OUTPERFORMS conventional chemotherapy drugs in treating all forms of cancer

(Natural News) The golden hue of turmeric is unforgettable; for thousands of years, the spice has been used in both the kitchen and the medicine cabinet. But until recently, turmeric hasn’t been given its due. While the mainstream media and puppets of conventional medicine decry virtually any and all forms of natural medicine, the benefits of turmeric can be ignored no longer. The r [...]

13 October 2018

4 Essential Travelling Tips for Vapers

Travelling as a vaper can be a breeze depending on where you go and how you carry yourself. It can also be a literal nightmare depending on your destination and if you don’t know how to travel with a vape pen correctly. Laws and regulations are still sporadic around vape pens, and many jurisdictions still don’t know how to take them, so it’s essential that you know some of the do’s and don [...]

03 October 2018

3 surprising scams you may not know about

(NC) Most of us know intrinsically not to send money to strangers, but a surprising number of Canadians are subject to money transfer fraud every year. Here, Western Union shares three common scams along with some tips to stay safe and prevent yourself from being victimized: Grandparent scam. A victim is contacted by someone who pretends to be a close family member or a person of [...]

10 September 2018

Comment le milieu de travail peut-il aider une personne stressée par ses finances?

(EN) La recherche du Financial Planning Standards Council montre que lorsque les Canadiens parlent de stress, les problèmes d’argent sont au sommet de la liste des causes. Ce stress, on ne peut pas le laisser à la maison. Il s’invite au travail avec nous et il peut être une distraction qui affecte le rendement au travail et cause l’absentéisme. Selon un sondage annuel réal [...]

10 September 2018

Genoa Bridge Collapse: The Road to Tragedy

The southern supports that initially went slack are the same in which a structural engineering professor at the Politecnico di Milano, Carmelo Gentile, found troubling signals of corrosion or other possible damage in tests performed last October. He warned the company that manages the bridge, Autostrade per l’Italia, or Hig [...]

09 September 2018