Disgusting reason why shoppers are calling for this Tesco store to be shut

Tesco shoppers are calling for one of the company's Manchester stores to be closed - and the reason why is pretty disgusting. A vile smell has taken over the Tesco Extra in Baguley which many customers says is making them feel sick, and others have dumped their trolleys to get away from it. Shoppers claim its been like it for two weeks, but bosses have decided to keep the store open a [...]

15 February 2019

Gran's cheeky comment to naked butlers who came to care home on her 100th birthday

Most people who are lucky enough to celebrate their 100th birthday mark the day by enjoying some quality time and a slice of cake with their loved ones. But not Doll Jenkins. The great-great-grandmother had an extra special treat as she marked the landmark birthday with two naked hunky men. Staff at her retirement home in Colchester, Essex, hired the two naked butlers to serve up sandwiches, sco [...]

15 February 2019

Personal Injury: 5 Tips for Negotiating With Insurance Companies

If you’ve been the victim of a personal injury situation – such as a car accident, slip and fall, or workplace accident – you’ll find yourself in the middle of a financial and legal battle. And if you aren’t prepared for the pressure insurance companies will put on you to quickly settle, you may easily crack. 5 Negotiation Tips and Secrets If you’re injured as the result of som [...]

28 January 2019

Salmonella outbreaks linked to undercooked breaded chicken

(NC) One of the most common causes of food poisoning making headlines recently, is Salmonella contamination. Salmonella bacteria can wreak havoc on your digestive system and are something you definitely want to avoid. One source of Salmonella you may not know about that has been making many Canadians sick with food poisoning is frozen raw breaded chicken products. This includes family favou [...]

24 January 2019

Worried about food poisoning? How to keep it out of your kitchen

(NC) Food poisoning isn’t just something you can get when you grab takeout. If we’re not careful, bacteria that can make you sick, like Salmonella, can be lurking in even our fanciest home kitchens. Some of the most common culprits lately have been frozen raw breaded chicken products, like nuggets, fingers and burgers. Many of these foods contain raw chicken, and should be handled wit [...]

24 January 2019

Toronto police charge 670 drivers over week-long distracted driving blitz

A total of 670 drivers were charged over the course of a week-long campaign distracted driving campaign by Toronto police. Between Jan. 14 and Jan. 20, officers held a “zero tolerance” policy as they combed through the downtown core for drivers not paying attention while behind the wheel. As part of the effort, officers on foot, bicycles and in unmarked police cars patrolled the [...]

24 January 2019

Toronto is one of the most 'severely unaffordable' cities in the world: report

Another day, another gloomy headline for Toronto’s housing market. Demographia has just released its annual ‘Housing Affordability Survey‘ and has ranked Toronto as the 10th out of 293 cities around the world for unaffordability. This is up way from 21st place the year before. The report measures middle-income housing affordability in 92 major metropolitan housing markets, whic [...]

24 January 2019

Toronto tenant stuck with no heat, water in apartment amid bitter cold temperatures

WATCH ABOVE: The cold snap in Ontario has left some people without heat in their homes, including a Toronto woman who was told to make do with electric space heaters. As Seán O’Shea reports, she called Global News after being told it could take months to find a permanent fix. For six of the last ten days, Amélie Matte says the heat hasn’t been working normally in her Toronto apar [...]

24 January 2019

Hidden camera footage reveals conditions inside Toronto’s 24-hour respite centres

Housing advocates have released hidden camera footage of two of Toronto’s 24-hour respite centres and one warming centre to illustrate what they say is a growing housing and shelter crisis for the city’s homeless population. “You will see in the film footage many people in wheelchairs and walkers. You will see old people. You will see very young people and they are stuck there for e [...]

23 January 2019

Toronto landlord owes man with disabilities, daughter $60K after 'campaign' of harassment

A Toronto man was denied an apartment because of his disabilities, and then he and his pregnant daughter endured "a campaign" of abuse and harassment from the landlord after a relative helped them secure a unit and move into the building, according to a decision by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO). Six months later, the father and daughter are still waiting for the $60,000&nb [...]

23 January 2019

Declare Toronto homelessness a state of emergency, advocate group says

Holding R.I.P. signs in honour of Toronto residents who lost their lives to homelessness so far this year, city councillors and other housing advocates called on the city to create an urgent action plan to tackle the issue.  "We are experiencing a housing crisis and homelessness crisis that requires immediate emergency attention," Coun. Kristyn Wong-Tam said at a press conference a [...]

23 January 2019

Tall Aliens Try To Abduct Oregon Resident

Date: 13 December, 2018. Place: Albany, Oregon State, United States. Last month, more specifically on 13 December, a very strange incident was reported in the small city of Albany, Oregon. According to an anonymous testimony published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident affirmed to have a very traumatic experience with a couple of tall aliens who tried to abduct him [...]

18 January 2019

Alien fossils discovered on Mars is ‘proof’ of extraterrestrials - shock claim

The hunt for aliens has been ongoing for centuries but so far experts have had no luck. However, one UFO hunting enthusiast believes he now has conclusive evidence that life does reside elsewhere in the solar system. While browsing through Gigapan – a hi-res image sharing platform – prominent alien hunter Scott C Waring believes he found three different fossil type on the surface of [...]

05 January 2019