Still Searching For Your Passion? 3 Tips To Accidentally Find It

Everyone needs something to make them eager to jump out of bed every morning. Your passion is what drives you, whether it’s taking care of animals, making coffee as a barista, working in a machine shop, being an interior decorator, or traveling the world and relying on the kindness of strangers. Your passion is unique to you; it doesn’t have to be big to be authentic. If you haven’t found y [...]

19 September 2017

6 Unique Ways To Make Your Engagement Video Go Viral

Who isn’t moved by those amazing wedding proposal videos that get shared like crazy on social media? Some of them are spectacular. If you’re planning to propose, here are some ways to make it memorable and worthy of being shared: 1. Understand why marriage videos really go viral Wedding and proposal videos don’t go viral because of someone’s post-production skills. The most popular [...]

19 September 2017

How to Get Rid of 3 Common Household Insects

Your home is meant for your family, not nasty little pests and insects. If you seem to have attracted some new friends and have tried, unsuccessfully, to eliminate them, it might be time to take a more aggressive approach. Whether it’s moths, ants, or cockroaches, the good news is there are multiple, effective tactics for getting rid of them. Moths, Ants, and Cockroaches: Oh, My! The serenity [...]

10 September 2017

Tips To Help Your AP Department Save Money Now

Automated workflows and technology have changed the way we do business, but for whatever reason, accounts payable departments tend to be slower to embrace these new concepts and tools. The result is inefficiency, clunky ways of doing things, and lost time and money. Within a corporation that’s looking to cut expenses, focusing on the AP department can be an excellent place to start, and the fo [...]

10 September 2017

Poor Communication Is The Root Cause For Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are upsetting for patients, and expensive for hospitals. Knowing when to pursue a medical claim can be tricky, considering hospitals count on patients not knowing what constitutes malpractice. Patients often feel helpless to pursue small mistakes, not realizing they have a medical malpractice case. Most people think of medical malpractice as something huge like ampu [...]

10 September 2017

What Personal Qualities Are Crucial for a CEO to Be a Success?

Becoming a CEO comes with a great salary and the power to take a business forward with your own ideas. However, being a CEO also comes with great responsibility and it isn’t just about sitting in your own office while others undertake the work – there’s much more to it than that. Most CEOs get to where they are through sheer hard work and determination to succeed, but they also have man [...]

06 September 2017

Top 4 Psychological Benefits of Breast Augmentation

If you’re like most women, you’ve atleast considered what it would be like to have breast implants. How would you look? What would they feellike? It’s common to think about suchthings, but what you may not know is that the psychological benefits are oftenfar greater than the physical improvements. FourPsychological Benefits of Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation is the topsurgical pro [...]

31 August 2017

Mental Health Treatment in the 21st Century

Mental health is something that very recently in our history we had no idea how to handle. It was not too long ago that mentally ill people were being sent to facilities that were closer to prisons than ahospital. They were viewed as a scourge on society, something that didn’t belong, especially in a world that nearly all agreed had been designed and built by an omnipotent, benevolent God. [...]

25 August 2017

4 Things You Need to Know About Fly Fishing

Most people have tried fishing at least a handful of times in their pfe, but not everyone has given fly fishing a try. If you’re thinking about trying fly fishing, but aren’t sure how to get started, you aren’t alone. Thousands of people pick up the exhilarating hobby every year and there’s a lot to learn. 4 Things to Know The sport of fly fishing is centuries old. And, for the most part [...]

22 August 2017

Children with Less are More Likely to Be Obese

Obesity currently plagues more than two-thirds of the American population, but it’s officially a worldwide epidemic. America has been named the world’s fattest country. These developments have inspired many studies to ascertain why it’s become such a big issue. According to a New England Journal of Medicine study that took place in Scotland, people in deprived areas are at the highest risk [...]

18 August 2017

Top 3 Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy Year Round

Nobody likes cold and flu season, but some people seem to be unaffected year after year. Are they just lucky, or is there more to the story? Staying healthy and avoiding illness is easy when you know how. Here are 3 tips you can use to keep yourself and your family healthy all year round: 1. Consume adequate vitamins and minerals together Recently, Big Pharma launched an all-out attack aga [...]

18 August 2017

What Should You Do If Your Medical Device Is Recalled?

Medical devices are designed to provide the best support and treatment possible, and are usually the latest breakthroughs of decades of medical and scientific research (not to mention engineering and design). However, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Occasionally, medical devices will be recalled for hazards or safety issues, which may arise due to design flaws, corruption in manufactur [...]

18 August 2017

What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that there are hundreds to thousands of car accidents a day in the United States. The latest estimates from 2016 project that there were over 40,000 traffic-related deaths in 2016, a 6 percent rise from 2015, and the highest number of fatalities in over a decade. Regardless of this unsettling new record, fatal and non-fatal accidents are always higher than th [...]

18 August 2017

11 Tips for Taking Better Fashion Photos

Fashion photography has an impressive following. There are many who appreciate good art and trendy outfits, which keeps the fashion blogging industry alive and well. However, the industry is oversaturated with those hoping to make their fortune both writing and taking photos for blogs. Whether you’re a professional photographer or you take your own photos for your blog, it’s important to fol [...]

16 August 2017

Top 11 Tips for Taking Better Fashion Photos

Fashion photography has an impressive following. There are many who appreciate good art and trendy outfits, which keeps the fashion blogging industry alive and well. However, the industry is oversaturated with those hoping to make their fortune both writing and taking photos for blogs. Whether you’re a professional photographer or you take your own photos for your blog, it’s important to fol [...]

11 August 2017

Changing Lives with A Masters in Public Health Degree

Have you always wanted to change the world for the better?  Do you love working in the public health field but want to up your game?  If so, you have come to the right place.  Today, we are going to learn how getting your masters in public health online can help you achieve your dreams and help those around you at the same time. Help Stop the Spread of Deadly Diseases Like Zi [...]

09 August 2017

Seven of The Worst Financial Mistakes You Can Make In Your 20's

Are you in your 20’s? Are you excited about what the future will bring regarding your finances? Although you are sure to make financial mistakes every now and again, it would be in your best interest to avoid these at all costs. When you’re familiar with the top financial mistakes that people make in their 20’s, it’s much easier to avoid the same in the days, weeks, and months to come. [...]

04 August 2017

Online Marketing Tips for a Small Business that Actually Work

Marketing professionals are faced with all kinds of tasks and as a professional, it’s up to you to understand how to approach each situation differently. By obtaining your online master of science in marketing management you are equipped to deal with these various tasks and offer clients solutions that make sense and are effective. When it comes to marketing, it’s clear that small businesses h [...]

18 July 2017


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