4 Secrets to Startup Success in the Internet Economy

While we’re no longer in the throes of the dot-com bubble, we’re still in the midst of an unprecedented age where anyone can launch an online business with very few barriers to entry. The result is a lot of Hollywood-esque success stories that make people think, “I could do that.” The problem is that the online startups that actually make it big are exceptions to the rule. For every [...]

22 March 2017

Catering Tips for Your Next Corporate Event or Business Launch

You need to put in a lot of efforts to organise a memorable event. Whether small or large, all corporate events require proper planning and execution. While a well-organised corporate event can improve the overall reputation and branding for your business, an event gone wrong can adversely affect the company’s image. Apart from deciding the venue, the guest list, and the theme for the co [...]

17 February 2017

The Benefits of Having Flowers Inside Your Home

Don’t we all love to receive flowers from that special someone? That warm and fuzzy feeling, the instant smile that curves our lips! Flowers often act as elements that impact human emotions very strongly. They are capable of bonding people in ways that only few can comprehend. But, having fresh flowers around in your home has many other benefits. Let’s talk about some of them. Instant [...]

17 February 2017

The Dos and Don’ts of Online Furniture Shopping

Today, anything you need to buy is just a few clicks away. And, this also includes furniture. With so many retailers selling their products online, you’re flooded with choices — from antique style to French style furniture online. But if you’re not careful, you may end up with poor quality furniture and worse, pay a handsome price for it. When it comes to shopping online, you may also [...]

17 February 2017

'This is Right Off the Scale': Border Town Seeks Help After Spike in Refugees

Nearly two dozen refugees who walked across the Canada-U.S. border over the weekend have officials in a Manitoba community worried about whether they can keep up with the trend that only seems to be growing. "This is right off the scale for us," said Doug Johnston, a councillor for the rural municipality of Emerson-Franklin in southern Manitoba. RCMP confirme [...]

08 February 2017

Dr Jerry Tenenbaum Scams Sick Old Lady – And Other Patients

There are certain things that bring total disbelief to even the most sceptic individual and that includes a doctor scamming his or her patients alongside government regulators and taxpayers. It is not surprising that people tend to regard such information as false and unfounded. This is simply due to the fact that the medical profession is held in such high esteem that people always find [...]

05 January 2017

Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum Abuses Canada's Public Healthcare System for Tylenol Prescription

Do you know of any doctor in Canada who uses up millions of dollars worth public healthcare resources to conduct all sorts of tests including MRIs to then when all is said and done to only prescribe Tylenol at the ends of all these tests?  Do you want to know who is responsible for depleting public healthcare resources in Canada?  You might wish to ask Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum.  [...]

23 December 2016

Toronto to Victoria: Dr Jerry Tenenbaum’s Record of Apparent Medical Malpractices

If a medical doctor with a track record of constantly having issues with his patients and abusing them is allowed to still keep on practicing, then a lot of questions need to be asked of the institutions that have been put in place to control such people. Dr Jerry Tenenbaum has needlessly presided over the complete deteriorating health condition of Dezrin’s Carby-Samuels through negli [...]

21 December 2016

Your Job Could Be Making You Depressed: Here’s How to Change That

When the days start to get darker and winter hits hard, discussions of depression, treatments, and avoidance begin cropping up all over. It’s a very real and frightening health condition for many people. For those who don’t know how to handle the effects, it can be debilitating and life-changing. An important part of dealing with depression is first understanding where it comes from, and [...]

03 December 2016

Trump Wins

It’s real: Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.The Republican nominee defeated Hillary Clinton, a stunning victory that concludes a stunning two years in American history.“I will be president for all Americans,” Trump said at his victory speech in Manhattan after saying Clinton conceded. He vowed to “unify our great country.”“Working together, we will beg [...]

10 November 2016

Lund University’s Marcella Carby-Samuels Sided With Father Against Abused, Neglected Mom

Arguably, upon hearing that a father was abusing and neglecting their Mom, most daughters would try to somewhat get the abuse to stop.  Who would want their own Mom to be subjected to emotional, psychological abuse... right?  But, apparently, this was not the approach taken by Marcella Carby-Samuels who was selected by Lund University to be enrolled in one of their supposedly soc [...]

18 October 2016

Toronto's Dr Jerry Tenenbaum Sees His Patients as Test Animals

There is always one place that comes to mind the moment an individual gets sick and that is the hospital. This has led to the idea that Doctors are very instrumental in whether one gets to live longer or not and how healthy or otherwise an individual can become. With billions of people putting their entire trust in the hands of doctors, it comes as a very big shock and surprise to find o [...]

12 October 2016

Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum: Economic Boycott Urged Against Toronto Doctor Over Human Rights Abuse

Thanks to a Toronto Doctor's negligence, Dezrin Carby-Samuels can no longer walk, talk or write anymore.  Raymond, her son, asked the City of Ottawa permission to hold a peace vigil in front of 30 Jarlan Terrace in Kanata where she has remained in social isolation thanks to the apparent breaches of medical ethics that have been reported to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surge [...]

12 October 2016

Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital: Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum Violates Medical Ethics

In a world filled with human suffering, one can only stop and imagine the amount of it that is intentionally inflicted by family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. It does not matter if it is emotional or physical, pain is pain and there is no excuse for it even if you are a doctor, your purpose in life is to help and heal not inflict more hurt to your patients in the name of resea [...]

12 October 2016

Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum Scams Patients – Evil Man Uses Them Like Lab Rats

Do you have some form of aches, pains or other ailment and you seek to get better? If you did, arguably, Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum would not be your best choice. This doctor who has been based at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital and who also teaches at the University of Toronto has violated medical ethics and appears to treat his patients as lab rat.Typically, when a patient goes to a doctor for [...]

12 October 2016

Checking In: Hôtel William Gray Reflects Now and Then of Old Montreal

The new Hôtel William Gray personifies both the deep history and the contemporary cool of Old Montreal. The hotel is a progressive fusion of a stone house from the 1700s and a glass tower of 2016, serves terrific food and great drinks, and opens onto Place Jacques Cartier, where lively street life brings together locals and tourists. And it is already a hit, after being open onl [...]

03 October 2016

Flashback: Multinational Wood Products Company Released 2,430 Times the Safe Limit of Carcinogenic Hexavalent Chromium into Australian Groundwater

The site of a now-shuttered timber treatment plant in Hume, Australia, a suburb of Canberra, is the subject of a new investigation concerning polluted groundwater and the government's failure to act in the public interest. The Canberra Times reports that Koppers Wood Products (KWP), a multinational corporation that has since vacated the site, allowed hexavalent chromium to leech into pro [...]

19 September 2016

Flirthookup.com Provides Alternative to POF.com

In an era where the idea of casual dating has become the order of the day, it is not surprising to find out that a lot of people have resorted to using the numerous online dating sites to help with their dating activities. With online dating sites become the latest trend in casual dating activities, certain individuals have simply decided to use such an opportunity to rip others of the h [...]

20 August 2016


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