amaican woman facing deportation loses bid to stay in Canada

A Jamaican woman facing deportation has lost her bid to remain in Canada.Beverley Braham has been ordered by the Canada Border Services Agency to report for removal on Thursday after her appeal was denied.Braham, 38, is married to a Canadian citizen and has a four-month-old son, who was born in Canada. She came to Canada in 2012 on a six-month visa, but overstayed her visa.On Sept. 6, she took her [...]

21 September 2017

Stabbing in Brampton sends 3 people to hospital

Three people were injured and one of them is in life-threatening condition after a stabbing in Brampton on Monday night.Peel regional police responded to a call around 9 p.m. in the area of Royal Orchard and Bovaird drives.A group of three people was reportedly involved in a dispute with another group of four people, resulting in the assaults.One man was stabbed and suffered serious injuries. He w [...]

19 September 2017

Emergency fundraisers held in GTA for Rohingya muslim refugees

Muslim communities across the GTA came together this weekend for two emergency fundraisers in Markham and Mississauga, raising money to deliver life-saving aid to nearly 400,000 Rohingya Muslims fleeing the violence in Myanmar.Their homes were burned to the ground with some calling the actions of the Buddhist-majority government “ethnic cleansing.”Refugees have ma [...]

18 September 2017

Laïcité, cannabis et policiers au menu de la rentrée

Le compte à rebours a donc démarré et les partis politiques feront tout leur possible cet automne pour se démarquer, quitte à rebrasser les cartes dans leurs équipes respectives.Voici un aperçu des thèmes qui seront abordés cet automne.Read more... [...]

18 September 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Toronto police chief records video message addressing morale

Toronto’s top cop is reaching out to the rank and file as officers continue a work-to-rule campaignby wearing union ball caps while on the job.This is Phase 2 of a quiet protest against the force’s modernization plan, which includes a significant overhaul of how officers do their jobs.The plan’s goal is to make the Toronto Police Service more efficient and trim back a portion of the for [...]

16 September 2017

EXCLUSIVE: GTA boy, 8, restrained, sedated on first day of school

The first day of school for an eight-year-old GTA boy ended with him all alone in a hospital bed, his arms and legs restrained, injected with a sedative.“When I saw him, I held back my tears because I didn’t want him more upset,” the boy’s mother said. “In his face, I could see that he was destroyed inside.”The boy, whom CityNews has chosen not to identify, has a history of educational [...]

16 September 2017

Can’t beat them, join them: Campbell gobbles up organic company for $700 million

(Natural News) Campbell Soup Company announced on July 6 that they have acquired organic food products group Pacific Foods of Oregon, Inc. for a total amount of $700 million. The agreement will augment Campbell’s lackluster natural foods arm and help reinvent the company’s center store as it continues to expand into the organic market. Pacific Foods will continue to operate in i [...]

14 September 2017

Woman's hurricane relief efforts thwarted by Canadian Tire store manager

A Toronto woman is heartbroken after her efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Irma were crushed when a Brampton Canadian Tire refused to sell her supplies.Cheryl Basser has friends in Florida and when she heard the area was being evacuated, and thousands of people were being sent to Atlanta, she knew she had to do something to help.“We have friends down in Atlanta who connected us with (e [...]

09 September 2017

Doug Ford to run for mayor in 2018

Doug Ford will take another run for mayor of Toronto in 2018.The former one-term city councillor announced his intention to enter the mayoral race during his family’s annual Ford Fest barbecue in Etobicoke on Friday.“I’m here to continue on Rob’s legacy … and I just have to say Robbie, this one’s for you,” Ford told the crowd.His campaign-style speech touched on many of the issues wh [...]

09 September 2017

African dogs “vote” on group decisions by SNEEZING

(Natural News) We put someone in a position of power based on how trustworthy and capable we think they are. We do this by by holding an electoral voting process, whose intricacies we would not delve into.How about animals? How do they reach a consensus as to who to put in power? According to a study that conducted investigations into free-ranging African wild dog packs in Botswana, one way o [...]

09 September 2017

Beeswax found to reduce stress and improve sleep thanks to this remarkable molecule

(Natural News) Octacosanol – which can be found in beeswax, wheat germ oil, rice bran, sugar cane, and other varieties of plants – has been discovered to lessen the effects of stress and encourage a long and restful sleep, scientists said.According to a study published in Scientific Reports, which was conducted by a team from the International Institute for Integrative [...]

09 September 2017

Speed bump in city's parking ticket dispute process

It’s a new process billed to help motorists fight parking tickets fast and help them steer clear of the courtroom, but less than one month into the city’s new parking ticket dispute system, one woman says there’s already some speed bumps in the process.Solmaz, who doesn’t want to use her last name, says she was parked near Queen Street and Spadina Avenue on Aug. 30 when she received a tick [...]

07 September 2017

Mother, young son, rescued from North York apartment fire

Firefighters rescued a woman and her young son from a smoke-filled apartment in North York.They had to break a window and use a ladder to get the pair out of the low-rise building.The fire began on Rajah Street near Bathurst Street south of Highway 401 around 2:10 a.m. on Wednesday.The mother and her son were among four people who were treated for minor smoke inhalation, and about 20 people were f [...]

06 September 2017

Man walks into hospital after he was shot near Queen and Spadina

A man is in stable condition in hospital after he was shot in downtown Toronto on Tuesday night.Toronto police were called to Vanauley Street near Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue just before 11 p.m.When police arrived on scene, they found a trail of blood but no victim. A short time later, a man, believed to be in his 30s, walked into a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound.His injuries are se [...]

06 September 2017

Police looking for vehicle of interest in Sunday morning shooting

Toronto police are looking for a vehicle of interest in connection with a shooting on Sunday morning.Police responded to a call for a shooting victim who arrived at the Humber River Hospital – Wilson site at around 6 a.m.Police say the male victim was dropped off at the hospital in a vehicle. It is unclear where the shooting took place or how badly he was injured.The vehicle in which t [...]

05 September 2017

California bureaucrats to start PAYING gang-bangers if they stop killing people… how could this go wrong?

(Natural News) Perhaps one of the most bizarre job-creation schemes ever devised is about to be put in place by far-Left ideologues in California’s capital city of Sacramento.As reported by Fox40, the city council has just approved a program called “Advance Peace” in which taxpayer funds will be utilized to pay criminals and gang members not to kill one another.The r [...]

05 September 2017

Home partially collapses in Roncesvalles

A home in Roncesvalles partially collapsed on Sunday afternoon.Police responded to a call at around 2 p.m. in the Indian Road and Ridout Street area.The brick on the left side of the home buckled and hung precariously in mid-air.Police say the home is being renovated and all occupants were evacuated.No injuries were reported.Indian road was closed from Bloor Street to Boustead Avenue, but has sinc [...]

04 September 2017

Silicon Valley now rapidly abandoning the philosophy of “free speech” by turning to censorship, obedience and conformity

(Natural News) It’s hard to believe that anyone would support tyranny over liberty, but sadly, millions of Americans across the country do. For the most part, this embrace of an all-powerful totalitarian state like the one described in George Orwell’s 1984 comes from the progressive left, who are committed to destroying everything from the freedom of speech, to states’ rights, to t [...]

04 September 2017


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NewsCan’t beat them, join them: Campbell gobbles up organic company for $700 million

(Natural News) Campbell Soup Company announced on July 6 that they have acquired organic food p [...]

14 September 2017

NewsEXCLUSIVE: GTA boy, 8, restrained, sedated on first day of school

The first day of school for an eight-year-old GTA boy ended with him all alone in a hospital bed, hi [...]

16 September 2017

NewsEXCLUSIVE: Toronto police chief records video message addressing morale

Toronto’s top cop is reaching out to the rank and file as officers continue a work-to-rule ca [...]

16 September 2017