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Intelligence Agencies Prepare Disclosure Of Alien Life, American Researcher Suggests


YouTube user and alien expert William Mount released in March 2018 an interesting video in which he discusses about several top-priority topics related to extraterrestrial life and alternate universes.

According to him, intelligence agencies around the world have started a “soft alien disclosure” which will affect the bases of the entire humanity.

First, he talked about Stephen Hawking’s death and how he was allegedly trying to “unlock the access code” to a parallel universe.

“What Stephen Hawking was discussing –and he knew about it, but he just did not know the way to talk about it- was the one hundred and forty four identical universes vibrating in a different time rate and at this particular frequency that our [United States] secret space program cannot access, but he was trying to unlock the access code to it”, Mr Mount stated. “These parallel universes are easy to access if you understand the physics of them, and Hawking certainly did it”, he continued.

The researcher also explained that certain alien races can actually “jump” to different universes by changing their vibrational frequency. “They [alien races] can even bounce in and out; they can either go up a frequency a hundred times than we are vibrating here (80 to 85 megahertz), they can bounce up to 8,500 megahertz. This is how they can go to different universes”, he affirmed.

Mr Mount then spoke about the presence of extraterrestrial beings in our world. These beings, in his opinion, have been around us all the time, but we refused to believe in them. He mentioned the case of Ancient Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti. “Queen Nefertiti was twenty feet tall. Every relief shows the humans tiny compared to her. Queen Nefertiti was the commander of the space mission and [Pharaoh] Akhenaton was the commander of the Earth colony”, he said. He also gave details about a group of 36-foot tall mummies and statues that were found in the Grand Canyon. The tombs are allegedly related to the Ancient Egypt. “These mummies are thirty-six foot tall humans. They are oriental in origin and they are under the Grand Canyon. They have the same markings and writings that Akhenaton and Nefertiti have in their tombs”, Mr Mount asserted.  

On the other hand, the American researcher analysed the words of former President (and now Prime Minister) of the Russian Federation, Dmitri Medvedev, who claimed to have received a list of all the known alien races when he was elected for the presidency of the Eurasian country. “When he [Medvedev] was made president, he was handed a briefcase containing a list of all the aliens living on Planet Earth, and if we knew how many they were, we would be shocked”.

In reference to these revelations, some YouTube users opined that they should have been made public before. For example, user Bruce D’Amico expressed: “someone would have exposed this before our time, it would not have been hidden for this long. And, knowing what we know, and them, if they were real, they would have approached the citizens of this planet, not the governments. They would be smarter than that”.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhTb3VgwBxA

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