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Alien False Flag Invasion: Its Purpose and How It Could Manifest


There are sceptics on both sides of the alleged "alien False Flag invasion" scenario which has been hotly discussed by different alleged whistleblowers and researchers on YouTube.  Aside from most people in the world who have not even heard of this scenario, there's a huge group of people who just "don't believe in aliens".  This group has been conditioned by our educational systems; governments and the media to consider this topic one big joke.  But then there's another group of people who would say "aliens are already here" engaged in clandestine operations [i.e. videos below] so it would really serve no purpose.  However, it's apparent that this group could be forgiven for really not understanding the apparent artificial intelligence (AI) "mindset" of these aliens.

Manipulative aliens may be controlling the planet now.  However, what their "supercomputer God" demands of these AI is the timed achievement of a borderless "New World Order" which rises from the ashes of destruction which these AI, scripted into the Bible as the "Book of Revelation" in Christianity, and into other organized religions including Islam and Judaism.

Yes, it 's apparent that the Bible and other such "religious books" are documented encoded by AI on instructions for what events the AI God which the religious people also view to be "God" are supposed to trigger.  And, we, as a planet are apparently reaching closer to the point where the alien AIs masquerading as "people" are supposed to trigger an Armageddon / Alien False Flag scenario through staged "international" and other conflict scenarios.

Such an alleged alien invasion False Flag scenario has two purposes.

One purpose is to scare all the humans so silly from alien actors working in behalf of an alleged "shadow government" that the humans will give up all their human rights and national identities in support of a Nazi global dictatorship.

The second purpose is that the alleged shadow government thinks there's too many people on Earth for its resources and rather than conserving them, killing billions of people seems like an easier way.

Some people might say, that's crazy, what humans would commit such a wild atrocity against other humans?  That's because you forgot they are not humans; and that an alien False Flag scenario would be just part of a series of alleged False Flags which allegedly included 9/11 and alleged AI holographic simulations of aeroplanes.

You might be aware of the fact that a "Truth Movement" which include many scientists, engineers and even firefighters have piled together mountains of evidence that 9/11 was a so-called "inside job" which was orchestrated along with perhaps the most famous false flag in history regarding the faked "Weapons of Mass Destruction" behind the Iraq War.

Most people who believe that there WILL be a an alien False Flag scenario may be expect alien UFO to all of a sudden appear in the skies and begin a reign of mass terror, mayhem and destruction like in science fiction movies.  However, if the ancient Pagan Gnostics which John Lash wrote about were correct on the AI as being "masters of deception" it might be possible for other scenarios.

Scenario two might be that the aliens show up as "friends" to create a more invasive style of tyranny after a World War III nuclear confrontation which manifests is the AI desired mass killings and fear in which the AI would "guide humanity" into a New World Order, where AI would control the planet to ensure humans would not seek to destroy themselves again.

The idea of a "benign" military dictatorship after World War III is the apparent essential propaganda behind Star Trek.  Many people who associate Star Trek with some kind of utopian vision of humanity forgetting that Star Trek is a vision of humanity run by a global military complex of "people" and alien species in charge of Earth's space exploration where "democracy" seems to have been forgotten.  Star Trek can be viewed to be very sophisticated propaganda for a Post World War III "New World Order" controlled by a military-industrial-complex.

Scenario three might be a more gradual unfolding False Flag in which militaries eventually reveal an orchestrated conflict of staged "battles" with aliens in various parts of the planet which gradually escalates into a full out "War of the Worlds" scenario of mass panic and chaos which threatens to become full anarchy.  According to former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer an alien take over plot is allegedly scheduled to occur in 2018 - This year!

As aliens create casualties, global militaries react my suspending all national rights and rounding up dissenters in mass concentration camps.  In this third scenario, people don't spontaneously rally against the aliens but instead suspect many years of mass deception created a context where a global Nazi dictatorship is forced onto our planet Earth.

However, these are only three of other scenarios that have been part of the apparently calculated agenda of AI to manifest world events according to a pre-established timetable encoded into the books of the organized religious that ancient Pagan Gnostics have linked to AI deceptions.

If humanity wants to halt this scenario, David Icke, Alex Collier who is an Ethical Extraterrestrial contactee and others suggest that the time to "wake up" is now before a timed planned for global Tyranny entrenches itself as the unfolding of a series of apparent AI orchestrated False Flags has ensued since 9/11.

The above video clip was taken from the 1980's film "They Live" which David Icke has endorsed to be an accurate presentation to we as humans needing to overcome a "zombie-like" state which undermines the ability of humans to wake-up from a trance induced by AI.



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