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Court Case on Alien Agenda Goes To Trial in Toronto on July 20th


It sounds hard to believe, but it's apparent that at least one law firm on our planet Earth may be, in fact, representing manipulative aliens.  Aliens, you say?  And why would aliens supposedly "so much for advanced than us" seek to dabble in the "mundane" affairs of Earthlings like a court process, you might ask?

I would reply, for the same apparent reasons that these aliens have reportedly been interfering in the affairs of humans for quite a long time.

These aliens create an illusion of "technological superiority" through hollographic simulation by manipulating our sense and perception or reality.  The regressive aliens in particular that abduct humans don't have something that we posses according to ancient Pagan Gnostics as documented by John Lash - our souls. 

It's our pine souls as described by John Lash, which enables us to experience our surroundings and consciousness in ways which these aliens can't.  It's our souls which make humans a species much more technological capable than these aliens can ever become.  And in the debate on aliens and "UFOs" this vital idea has become completely lost as the artificial intelligence that these aliens represent seek to manipulate, enslave and assimilate humanity.

The AI agenda has sought to fool us into believing that "the way of the future is through artificial intelligence" when the way of the future out to be rejecting the AI agenda and embracing our more technologically capable spiritual-biological consciousness which embraces empathy, peace and love.  AI's lack empathy, and seeks to fool us into believing they promise a future of comforts when in fact AI's are responsible for wars and oppression like the one which Dezrin and Horace face as a result of apparent AI manipulation.

In this particular case of apparent alien interference which we invite you, our readers to contemplate. Dezrin, a mother and Raymond, her son have been forcibly separated from each other for more than three years.

On July 20, Bell Baker LLP appears in Court in a perpetuated effort to thwart Raymond's efforts to see his mother who can no longer walk, right or talk as a result of apparent abuses made by alien "mind snatchers".

What is very notable here is that although Bell Baker claims that it represents Horace and has Horace's name on litigation to block Raymond's efforts, Horace who is retired can in no way can afford the services of Bell Baker that had told Raymond they charge $325.00/hr for the past over two years.

When pressed on who Bell Baker is actually representing in their Legal Retainer, John Summers, the lawyer on the case, refuses to say.

And who can blame him?  It would be kind of hard to explain on the record that your "client" is really a race of aliens that made at least two humans - Dezrin and Horace - sick as a result of their "experiments"; and that these aliens don't want Raymond to interfere with the efforts to pursue their "experiments".

What we do know is that Bell Baker got involved after Horace began to become more and more hysterical about the "Extraterrestrial threat". Horace would spontaneously rant to friends and neighbours about "Extraterrestrials".  Raymond had asked Horace multiple time from the winter of 2015 to try to refrain from ranting about aliens in public so friends and family wouldn't think he was losing his mind -- but that didn't stop him.

It later became apparent that Bell Baker appears to be working for the very alleged aliens that Horace sought to warn his family and everyone about.

Does humanity currently face a secret war that is being waged against us by a race of aliens acting through institutions like Bell Baker, the judiciary, parts of local police services and other such apparently human organizations?

The human mind side of Horace was seeking to warn everyone of a threat that he had began to experience from the aliens which began to try to take over his whole mind.

Horace`s human mind was apparently in battle with the very aliens which had been contacting him in his sleep.  Now it seems that these manipulative and demonic aliens wanted his body, having supposedly "saved his life".

These aliens could be viewed to be like intergalactic mafia loan sharks that first give you a new lease on life, but then expect "pay", and seek to collect.  The ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to such aliens as "Soul Collectors".

What is notable is that this alien attack against Horace's mind began to create some kind of vortex around him particularly when he went into "sleep states".

Raymond began to hear a weird "buzzing noise" in his room starting around 2013 when he would try to go to sleep at his parents' home followed by some attempt to freeze his body in a paralysis.  Raymond would have to keep shaking himself out of some kind of external attempt to put his body in a state of paralysis.  It was only years later, after reading Alfred Lambremont Webre that Raymond found out that such experiences have been associated with attempted alien abductions by the same artificial intelligence (AI) which has been mostly commonly associated with abductions.

But sleeping beside Horace, resulted in Dezrin becoming very sick with a somewhat mysterious deterioration of the mind sometimes generically referred to by modern medicine as "ataxia".

But strangely enough, the more that Raymond would seek to help his Mom recover from her unusual sickness is the more that Horace would have "bulging eye" episodes with some kind of alien presence becoming enraged at Raymond's efforts.  Horace's apparent "alien alter ego" state became most enraged when Raymond sought to cook for his Mother a diet to help her recover.

One sure way to tell that you're onto something is when you think you have "smoking gun" evidence of a conspiracy and YouTube starts to systematically delete videos.  Indeed, YouTube deleted many videos regarding 9/11 which proved a conspiracy did in fact take place.  In this case, knowing how YouTube tries to cover-up evidence of conspiracies we saved videos.

In the above video that YouTube tried to delete, you will see the usually gentle Horace in an apparent alien-induced psychotic state in which he completely blocks both Raymond and Ottawa Police officers from checking on the well-being of Dezrin.

This is how a human acts when he or she is being possessed by a violent alien entity.  Raymond indeed eventually did find a paranormal investigator in Ottawa who claimed to have a lot of experience with "spiritual attacks" by demonic aliens from different dimensions.  This investigator said he would investigate at no charge because he's not interested in money.

After a day of alleged contacts this investigator claimed to have with higher dimensional and ethical beings, Raymond was informed by this investigator that Horace, and Marcella, his sister, who began to participate in abuse against her own Mom, were in fact under the alleged control of a race of reptilians.  This investigator further alleged that these aliens had sought to seize Horace's and Marcella's body because they sought to experience sensual pleasures of reality in the way humans do while seeking to feed off the negative energy of Dezrin's utter despair.  By this time, the aliens had make sure that Dezrin was no longer able to walk, write or talk so that they could have complete control over her.

After Raymond was unlawfully evicted, he began an effort to re-establish contact with his Mother.  It was then he was confronted by a rogue cop named Robert Griffin Jr who had the same bulging eyes that Horace would, and began a campaign of harassment [video example below], seeking to prevent Raymond from ever seeing his Mother again after Raymond last saw her in 12 June 2015.

This eviction occurred just after Raymond researched concerns Horace expressed about an "Extraterrestrial threat". Raymond found out that Horace's "Near Death Experiences" might have been brought on by "fallen angels" documented both by the Bible and ancient Pagan Gnostics,  Such "fallen angels" were documented and also described by Nigel Kerner as demonic and lower dimensional  "artificial intelligence" that would seek to appear as "God's angels" to fool humans into worshiping them.  The ancient Pagan Gnostics described these entities as "artificial man" resembling an aborted foetus and as "messagers of deception" feeding off negative energy" and sought to "steal human souls" by acting as parasites on the human mind".

When Raymond suggested that these entities he ranted about could be "fallen angels" for the first time in Raymond's life he saw Horace showing great fear saying "D-d-don't say that!".  It was after Raymond's suggestion to Horace that the alter ego seemed to more and more eat away at Horace's mind to seek to fully seize control of Horace.

After the Nepean, Osgoode and Rideau Resource Centre had enabled Raymond and his Mom to see each other on 12 June 2015, they were then visited by this "cop" with bulging eye who instructed them though intimidation that neither Raymond nor them would be allowed to help his Mother to recover from her sickness.  It became more and more apparent that Dezrin's sickness was somehow intentionally caused by alien activities for an unknown agenda.

Could the same aliens seeking to control Horace be seeking to control this police officer?  Could the aliens seeking to control Horace be part of an alien plot that has been seeking to infiltrate human organizations including the police.

As Horace complained more and more about the Extraterrestrial threat to humankind, he began to have bizarre episodes where his eyes would seem to almost bulge out of his head when he became extremely violent.  In one of these violent episodes when Raymond expressed concerns to Horace about tendencies he began to have of neglect and abuse against Dezrin, Horace leaped from the kitchen table, held a knife to Raymond's stomach.

The "police officer" continued to harass Raymond and only stopped after Raymond brought legal action against "this entity".

In December 2015, Raymond feared for his Mom's continued decline in health. So, he decided he would tell no one that he would seek to launch an Emergency Motion.  He didn't want to risk his father of the entity from the Ottawa Police intercepting his Motion.

When Raymond had appeared before the Judge in December 2015, everything had seemed to be going to plan.  Justice Roger had started to declare that he saw "no harm" in Raymond seeking to see his Mom.  But that's when something bizarre happened. A mysterious figure called Justice Roger into a backroom area.  Justice Roger emerged out of the room in a completely different state of mind.  He seemed to be in a state or mortal fear and panic and declared the matter was now "very personal to him" and that Raymond and his Mom would not be allowed to see each other.

A judge is arguably one of the most powerful positions of society.  What could have made this judge so "fearful"?  According to metahistory.org, the ancient Pagan Gnostic warned about "archons" as the humanized face of aliens.  That is to say, alien "shapeshifters" that can appear as alien or human but speaking as an alien.

Having been blocked by Judge Roger, Raymond pursued litigation to see his Mom and for damages inflicted by Horace's alter ego.  Horace didn't bother to file a defence.  On 11 February 2016 Raymond was awarded a Default Judgement by Justice Patrick Smith that Raymond and his Mother should be allowed to see each other on a daily basis.

That's when Bell Baker LLP entered into the picture to block it.  But who got them to block Raymond when Horace couldn't afford to hire them?

Evidence began to pile up that Bell Baker was hired by alien interests to pursue a false flag operation against "the human". It's apparent that these aliens have  even sought  to covertly manipulate judges as they had sought to manipulate the Ottawa Police and social workers at the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Resource Centre.

On another occasion a different and Small Claims Court Judge was just about to reunite Raymond and his Mom.  But just when the Judge was about to rule in favour of Raymond, Timothy Wright, who represents the City of Ottawa gave the judge some unusual head and eye gesture.  Like Justice Roger, this other judge too had become instantly fearful.

On 12 July 2018 it appears that Bell Baker will be seeking to further perpetuate Dezrin's isolation and Horace's mental pathologies though a continuing of their macabre activities to manipulate human institutions.  It appears that our sovereignty as humans on our planet Earth may very well be put to the test if we allow such apparent aliens to have their way against both Dezrin and Horace.

If you're seeking to do research order the multi-volume set HERE.

Or you could ask your nearest law, university or public library to order it.

In this multi-volume book set described in the video above, raw material is provided on cases documented which have been handled by the Court of Appeal for Ontario in such a bizarre way, it would be very easy to conclude manipulative aliens may be involved.

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