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Aliens Showed Her The Future Of Earth Says Abductee



Early this month, more specifically on 10 July, UFO researcher and YouTube user UAMN TV published a very interesting video about the story of Sherry Wilde, a woman from Wisconsin who claimed to have been abducted by aliens at the age of 17, in 1968. She affirms she experienced a period of “missing time”, and years later, in a hypnotic session, she finally knew what had happened.

“I had been driving my car to my girlfriend’s house at about 10:00 PM. She was my best friend and we spent all the time together. I drove alone to her house in my little blue Volkswagen, tooling at 62 or 63 miles per hour. I was coming to a little rise in the hill and the engine died; it just stopped”, Ms Wilde said. “I tried to turn back; I pushed the clutch, but nothing happened. I tried everything I could, but the car was just slowing down. I turned off the radio and I kept trying to start the car, and then I noticed there were four men standing on the road: two to the right, one was back farther and the other had the audacity to walk towards my car”, she added.

According to the abductee, this last entity made a movement with his hand and the car stopped “right at his feet”. After that, she claims, “the next thing I remember was I was walking into my girlfriend’s house, standing in the kitchen, looking at the clock. It said it was noon”.

“I could not figure out what had happened. I accused my girlfriend of changing the clocks, of pulling a trick on me, but she said she hadn’t done anything”.

Then, Ms Wilde recalled what had happened during the encounter. “I was in the car, and I felt something brushing up my arm. I opened my eyes to see a grey, claw-like hand reaching over my right arm. It put its long fingers around the forearm, and then another claw-like hand came and grabbed my other arm”, she said. “They [the beings] pulled me out of the car. However, as soon as they touched me, I felt fine. As a matter of fact, I was totally at peace with it”, she continued.

The Wisconsin resident was reportedly taken to a small ship (“it looked like it was 20 feet in diameter”) where the aliens performed several tests on her, including an alleged “implantation of eggs”.

Years after this experience, she remembered what the beings had shown her during her “visit” to the ship. “They take you up and then they show you the Earth, and it was shocking when all of a sudden the planet becomes just a ball of fire. In my case, a tsunami hit the coast and the planet was just shrouded in black, smoky, filth. It was gone in a matter of minutes”, she stated. She also claimed that the entity that was with her at that time told her: “this is what will happen in the future if you don’t change your ways”.

“The reason why they [the aliens] show you this is because they don’t have emotions; they are jealous of our emotions and they want to study them”, she added.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUwYRPtaS00

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