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Researcher Grant Cameron Explains The Relation Between Aliens and Consciousness


In an recent interview conducted by UFO journalist Alexis Brooks, famous Canadian researcher Grant Cameron explained how consciousness play a key role in alien abductions, and how aliens use this element to telepathically communicate with humans.

In this interview, published on 02 July on YouTube, Mr Cameron went on to explain how aliens are using certain people to disclose the truth about extraterrestrial life. He provided some examples of this, like the crop circles. “Aliens are using these people through their consciousness by controlling it to put down a certain pattern. When you talk to them, many of these people would tell the same stories, which is very interesting”, he said. This means that some individuals receive commands through telepathy to perform certain actions to the interest of extraterrestrials.

He then introduced the concept of biocentrics, a term created by Dr Robert Lanza, which states that everything in the universe comes from consciousness. “It [biocentrics] is the basic premise. Consciousness is primary, and life creates the universe, not the other way round”, he stated. He then related this concept with the notion of synchronicity, which consists in a series of predetermined actions performed by several people at the same time, and how this phenomenon has become more common in prominent people. “It has got to do with your level of consciousness. If you are at a higher level, you are going to get more synchronicities, whereas the average person would not notice it or think it is significant”, the Canadian expert expressed. “We are at that level where we see this sort of things and we say ‘this is significant’, but the other person says ‘no, not so much’ and refuses to see the patterns”, he added.

“When you hear enough stories, when you are around the UFO community or the paranormal community, you start to realise this stuff is going on”, Mr Cameron asserted.

He finally gave details about a very interesting topic connected to consciousness, too. It is the “hybrid humans”. In the opinion of the Winnipeg-based ufologist, “the stories about hybrids will be the most important told in the 21st century”.

“You have to interact with these people because they are the ones that start telling you that 42% of them have mathematical, technical and scientific material in their heads that they did not learn, and 40% say, at one point of their experience, that they know the answer to everything in the universe. […] These people have the material! Why would you ignore them? I believe the UFO community have ignored them, they have sort of moved them to the side, and this is a huge problem”, Mr Cameron commented. “Even if you are sceptical, if 10% of these individuals are telling the truth, you need to consider their opinions. They are the ones that are talking; they are the ones that know whatever this universal intelligence is doing, they are like a Rosetta stone and they are decoding the message”, he continued.

“There is something going on here, and we need to open our eyes”, he remarked.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS9LXjiGu4k

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