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Australian Contractor Can Help Sydney Companies Seek Solar Power Advantage

With so many companies in Sydney taking risks just to find the breakthrough that they need, it comes as a surprise that there is a goldmine that has been left untouched for ages. According to a report that was recently published in ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’, just about one percent (1%) of the entire solar energy available in Sydney is being tapped. This surprising revelation came to light when it was realised that only a small number of structures had solar panels fixed on their roofs.

Sydney is expected to generate solar energy ranging from 393 megawatts to 619 megawatts if the available solar resources are tapped to the fullest. However, as at the time the study was carried out by the NSW government, only a meagre 6.7 megawatts of solar energy is generated throughout the entire city of Sydney. In the publication on The Sydney Morning Herald, Mike Roberts, a PhD candidate at the University of NSW and an author of the report had this to say, “There is a huge untapped potential. As a city, we should be looking at how this can be tapped”.

The importance of commercial entities jumping on the solar energy bandwagon was also further stressed by Amy Kean, the Renewable Energy Advocate for New South Wales. According to Amy Kean, “NSW residents have embraced the solar energy revolution on their own homes but, as this report identifies, there’s a solar goldmine right under our noses that hasn’t been tapped”. She was of the view that diverting to the usage of solar energy by companies would go a long way in ensuring that these companies are able to reduce their expenditure on power and also reduce the releasing of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Whilst the solar energy goldmine is yet to be fully tapped, it should be noted that a company’s ability to get the solar energy advantage depends mostly on how the wiring of the structure is done. It is therefore not surprising that Clover Moore, the Mayor of Sydney, was of the opinion that there were still a lot of hurdles that needed to be scaled if commercial entities were to make optimum use of the available solar energy. However, with the rate at which energy tariffs are on the ascendency, it appears that a diversion to solar energy by commercial entities is the only option to cutting down their energy bills.

For companies looking to take full advantage of the available solar energy, New Edge Group Electrical Contractors Sydney are ever ready to help with the diversion from other energy sources to solar energy. To be able to take full advantage of the solar energy as a commercial entity without running into any of the perceived obstacles pointed out by Clover Moore, it is always essential to ensure that all wirings are done by qualified professionals. This is exactly what New Edge Group Electrical Contractors Sydney provides you with when it comes to the tapping of solar energy for commercial use. This is a company that has decided to brave the storm in order to provide professional assistance to businesses in Sydney, Australia and potentially those who desire to take advantage of the untapped solar energy goldmine.

With the study conducted by the NSW government and the subsequent publication of its report, it won’t be long before most businesses based in Sydney decide to convert to the use of solar energy. It is therefore very imperative that companies that are willing to have the edge over their competitors quickly get in touch with New Edge Group Electrical Contractors Sydney in order to obtain a properly wired structure to tap the available solar energy.

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