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What Makes Online Slots so Popular?

The last ten years has seen a huge shift in gambling. Where once people would have to travel to a gambling destination, now they can travel to an online casino right from their computer or mobile device. And, by far, slots is the number one casino game people are playing. But why are they so popular?

Well, slots are popular – because they’re popular. Let me explain. Take the bonus slots at muchgames.com, which offer some of the highest payback percentages online. Payback percentage, sometime referred to as the ‘house edge’ is the percentage of return a slot gives back to the player in winnings.

Vegas casinos range from 90-95% for claim rates, which means they keep anywhere from five-ten cents per dollar you spend. Their huge overhead forces them to take a larger cut than online casinos, who operate on much smaller budgets. Online slots offer payback percentages as high as 99%. No wonder slots players are turning to the internet, the payback rate is way higher.

Slots also offer inexperienced players a casino game that requires no skill at all. The only action the player has to make is clicking the ‘start’ button and watching the reels spin. Gambling, especially in group situations, can cause extreme anxiety in some players. Slots are a single-player game as well, meaning no frustrated dealers or other players.

Experts say slots create a ‘safe zone’ for players, who don’t feel pressured or intimidated by the game. Now, let’s extend that safe zone all the way to your home office, couch, or bed. Online gaming lets people play slots without the hassles and costs of visiting a physical casino. This is another huge reason online slots are gaining popularity.

Slots are a game that players can budget around, and they’re relatively inexpensive. You can find penny slots at almost every casino online. $20 goes a lot further on a slot machine than at a craps or blackjack table.

Finally, there’s no travel costs to play online slots. How much did your last Vegas vacation cost? At least a couple thousand, right? Regular gamblers are saving all that travel money and adding it to their bankroll.

The future of internet gambling looks bright, and if you’ve never tried it for yourself, now’s a great time.

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