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5 Reasons You Get Mentally Stuck In Business

It's perfectly natural to get stuck in business, and it happens to the best of us. Knowing why you get stuck can help you get unstuck in a hurry. Here are the five most common reasons business owners get stuck, even when things are going great.

#1: You’re In A Rut

It can be easy to get into a routine, where you go through the motions and complete the tasks you know need to get done. But what if it all becomes too routine, and you start to get complacent? When the passion starts to fade and it all seems monotonous, it's time to take drastic action.
Change your daily routine, start a new venture, or go on a retreat to change things up completely. How much disruption you need will be based on how big of a rut you’re in, and how long you've been in it.

#2: You’re Bored

If you've reached a level of success that makes you feel content and is easy for you to sustain, you may find yourself getting bored. This is often the case for those that are very intellectual, and also very curious. That intellectual curiosity can be stymied when things are going smoothly and everything becomes too simple.
When your business no longer challenges you it's time to shake things up, raise the stakes, expand into a new field, or scale things up. Don't rest on your laurels, and always push yourself to be bigger and better than you are.

#3: You’re Scared Of Success

Fear can rear its ugly head in many different ways, and one of the most common for business owners is a fear of success. It can be hard to admit that you’re feeling scared of climbing the next rung of the success ladder, but many times it shows itself through self-sabotage or a general feeling of malaise.
If you identify that you have a fear of success which is causing a lack of drive, it's time to break up that big goal into smaller goals that move you forward but keep the fear at bay.

#4: You’re Scared Of Failure

Akin to being scared of success, fear of failure is the other side of the coin. Many times this fear will motivate us towards success but just as often it can hold us back from taking the next step forward. If you've noticed that you've been wanting to try a new strategy that would mean bigger success but keep coming up with reasons not to do it, you may be struggling with a fear of failing big time.
You can use the same tactic you did for a fear of success here, taking smaller steps that don't elicit that fear but still move you toward your grander goal.

#5: You’re In A Pattern

Being in a pattern is similar to being in a rut, but it's definitely not the same and is caused by different factors. When you’re caught in a pattern you are reliving certain times in your life even though the situations and circumstances will have changed on the surface.
This one can be a bit tricky, since there are strong psychological factors in play. Just start by recognizing that you’re in a pattern and see if there’s anything you can do to create a new experience and prevent yourself from regressing to your old ways.

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