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6 Organizational Tips for Your Office

For many businesses today, getting organized is a struggle – especially if they aren’t utilizing all of their resources. Efficiency in the office setting equates to significant savings if you apply them correctly. If you’re tired of overlapping schedules, piles of unorganized papers, and lost files, you’ll benefit from this list of organizational ideas.

1. Use Software for Employee Scheduling

Schedule makers are particularly useful when businesses have multiple schedules to juggle. When your office is small, it’s easy to schedule your employees without overlap. As it grows, however, it becomes more challenging. There’s varied availability, and getting every shift adequately covered becomes confusing at best.

Look for a great employee scheduling software like Humanity, which was the top rated schedule maker for 2017. It’s used by major corporations like eBay, Uber, Cisco, Evernote, and Safeway as well as small and midsize businesses. With easy data input and simple automation, scheduling will be a breeze.

2. Go Digital as Much as Possible

One of the best places to start when organizing your office is with paper files, receipts, and other copies. According to a study from Reliable Planet, the average office employee without digital and cloud storage services will spend more than four hours a week searching for papers.

By using the cloud, you can save time and money. GoogleDrive is one of the most popular tools for cloud storage and file sharing. You can store up to 15 GB for free and allow both coworkers and clients to access files according to the permissions settings you set. As your business grows, you can invest in more storage as well.

3. Tame Your Email Inbox

A 2012 study revealed that 70 percent of work emails were seen and answered within six seconds of reception. But after the emails are seen, they’re often left sitting in the inbox. That creates a mess that you’ll have to address eventually, especially if you often struggle to find important emails.

It’s much easier to handle your inbox when it’s clean. Delete unnecessary emails and mark obnoxious junk mail as spam. Create folders for important emails and archive them for later use. You can also create specific folders for non-essential emails to reduce workflow interruption.

4. Utilize Digital Note Taking

Note taking is essential, but it’s time to get rid of paper and pens. Using a digital tool will minimize clutter and help you recall important notes when you need them most. It’s also often more handy than pen and paper when you need to jot down a moment of inspiration or an important client note on the go.

Try Evernote, an app on your smartphone that lets you organize and take notes effortlessly. You can type or record your voice, transposing your emails later. It can go with you everywhere, and you’ll never worry about losing an important note again.

5. Plan Early for Tax Time

Tax time is a scramble if you don’t take time to organize ahead of time. Consider creating a box labeled “[insert next year] taxes.” Save bank statements, receipts, online statements, charity receipts, bills, pay stubs, and other financial information for easy access later.

Create a computer file with the same name as well to record the information digitally. At least once per month, scan physical copies of financial statements onto your computer and save them in this file. Back it up on the cloud and either file away or shred the originals. Tax time will be much easier when your information is in one place.

6. Declutter Your Desktop (Digitally and Literally)

Does your computer’s desktop resemble an explosion of applications and files? If so, you’re not alone. Saving files to the desktop is an easy way to find them later—until you have so many files that you can’t find anything anymore. It’s also a little known fact that saving too many files to your desktop slows down your computer. Delete and move files for the sake of a little peace of mind and a faster computer.

While you’re at it, take a look at your desk. How long has it been since you rifled through your file folders and exposed the surface? Take the time to do so now, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

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