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4 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Younger Kids

It’s important to carve out time to spend with younger kids in their element. That doesn’t mean always getting down on the floor to play with their toys. It means helping them explore the world through their own eyes instead of limiting their experience of life according to what you’re interested in.

Child development experts agree that “the goal of spending quality family time is to love, understand, and develop your child as a happy, well-adjusted, and contributing member of society.” And that “innumerable studies reveal several negative outcomes when the child or adolescent does not receive the right love, attention, and guidance from his or her parents.”

Supporting your younger kids to explore their world will generate the strong connection they need to become healthy, well-adjusted human beings.

Here are 4 tips to create that connection:

1. Be interested in what they’re interested in

Spending quality time with your kids requires more than entertaining them with the latest toys and gadgets. Quality time means connecting, and connection is strongest when you take an interest in their lives and what they’re passionate about.

Kids come into the world with individual interests and passions. As a parent, you probably won’t share all of their interests. That doesn’t mean their interests should be pushed to the backburner in favor of the activities you want to pursue.

Authentically connecting with your kids often requires suspending your own interests and pursuing the activities they enjoy.

For instance, if your child is interested in art, take them to art museums and art classes for the medium of their choice. Allow them to explore multiple mediums. Remember what it was like exploring your own interests as a kid, and understand that exploring options is part of life’s journey.

Perhaps you don’t consider yourself an artist; even your stick figures look like scribbles. That’s okay. You don’t need to be good at what your child wants to pursue. It’s not a contest.

2. Ask them questions out of curiosity

Ask your kids what they’re interested in from a place of curiosity. If you don’t understand why they’re fixated on watching reruns of Julia Child’s cooking shows, ask them to tell you what they love about her.

The difference between asking from a place of disgust and a place of curiosity will mean the difference between your child opening up or shutting down.

3. Spend time together relaxing

Some activities, like cruises, might seem like the way to escape from your kids and spouse. However, taking your kids on a cruise can be a wonderful adventure for you both.

If they’re young enough to appreciate it, you can even get matching designer swimwear to lounge around in on your cruise, or on a trip to the beach. Wearing matching outfits is a cool way to bond with your younger kids because it makes them feel more like you.

Take advantage of this kind of fun while you can; it won’t be long before the idea of matching will lose its magic.

4. Spend time with them doing your daily activities

If you’re like most parents with multiple kids, you’ve got a hectic schedule that makes it seem impossible to spend quality time alone with your kids. There is a way to make it work, though, as this dad of five figured out and shared. His ideas for creating quality time with your kids, despite a busy schedule, come from his own life.

He says, “I often speak at functions several hours away. If I can afford it and it works, I will take one of my children with me. They love the quality time alone with dad (maybe it’s all the fast food we eat?). The time we spend together is invaluable. It’s often an adventure both of us never forget, and it’s a great chance for me to connect with one of my kids.” 

In addition to taking one kid on his errands, he also advocates making time specifically for spending time with each of his kids – like a date. It’s important for kids to feel special, and nothing delivers that message more than a parent who deliberately carves out time to spend together.

This blogger suggests enlisting their help with activities like putting stamps on your envelopes, making the grocery list, and helping prepare dinner. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t always matter what they’re doing, as long as they’re enjoying their time with you. Whatever you do, make it fun, and they’ll remember those times for the rest of their life.

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