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10 Ways Skype Supports Business Success

One of the tools that companies or freelancers can use for their professional communications, especially through the Internet or even from a mobile device with a smartphone, is Skype.

Skype is a communication system that allows very cheap calls inside and outside the country, in addition to free calls between users who have the application, which is not only an effective and efficient communication tool but also a saving in business costs.

More and more companies and, above all, freelancers who use Skype to get in touch with suppliers, customers, new contacts and networks, people interested in their products and services and people related to the business.

Through Skype you can make written messages, audio messages as if it were a conventional call or video call messages to maintain an audio and video communication with the other person. All this allows a global communication system to choose the one that is most interesting and free of charge.

There are many companies that integrate their web pages with Skype, so your customers can call you free from their website. To date, the social network Facebook has also made a communication agreement so that its users can communicate by video call.

One of the advantages of Skype, in addition to the great cost savings that can be for entrepreneurs who need to communicate a lot is that it allows communication in time real at any time, allows the person to be connected at any time and not miss an opportunity.

The importance of the Internet has made communications advance, they are different leaving a little behind the communications by means of a regular telephone call, and Skype is a communication system for businesses and for those who are not.

1 - Skype for Business: Calls from person to person

Skype for Business provides voice over IP (VoIP) calling over your network and the Internet to users in your company, Skype users in other companies, and non-professional Skype users around the world. Easily add video or content sharing to any call. It’s better if we combine them all using business headset and to get the best one, we should check business headsets ratings.

2 - Dialing by name, from Office

Contact people when you need them, with a single click in your contacts list in Skype for Business, or in the business card in Office software.

3 - Skype connectivity

Connect, communicate, and collaborate with colleagues, customers, other businesses, and your loved ones - as long as they are using Skype - with voice and HD video.

4 - Access to any place

Spend and receive business calls at the office, at home or on the move using your business number on a smartphone, tablet, PC or mobile phone. Office 365 helps you manage all your calls.

5 - Common call features

Transfer your calls, put them on hold and resume them with a single click. Let your assistant receive calls on your behalf. Answer calls to other members of your team when they are not available.

6 - Voice Messaging

Take advantage of integrated voicemailto quickly answer missed calls.

7 - Default encryption

Protect your privacy and intellectual property with built-in encryption, enabled by default. No Virtual Private Network (VPN) is needed.

8 - Cloud PBX

The features included in Office 365's cloud PBX enable you to bypass traditional PBX systems and eliminate the associated costs.

9 - Microsoft PSTN Call Service

Microsoft PSTN Calling Icon Tooltip allows users to call traditional phone numbers using Skype for Business. It also allows businesses to purchase phone numbers and call plans as part of their Office 365 subscription. You’re suggested to use Microsoft Skype for Business Headphones.

10 - Quick commissioning

Get, assign, and quickly use new phone numbers for geographically dispersed people using the Office 365 Admin Portal. No new phone lines need to be put in equipment.

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