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Why Pursuing Wrongdoing Legally Is The Right Thing To Do

It’s not easy being in a position where you need to pursue someone else legally. Lawsuits aren’t a walk in the park, and they can cost time and money you don’t have. There’s no guarantee you’ll get a settlement to cover your expenses, and you may have to pay for the other party’s legal fees if you lose.

However, there are some circumstances you can’t afford to walk away from, and being injured due to someone else’s negligence is one. Even if you’re wealthy enough to be able to take care of your own medical bills, you should always connect with a lawyer.

Every penny you pay out of pocket is basically being given to the person who caused you harm. It also takes a significant of money away from you and your family.

Any circumstance where someone else should be held liable for their actions should be pursued for several reasons:

1. Your case could set a precedent for your situation

If there are any circumstances about your case that are new or different, your final ruling could act as a reference point for future cases. For instance, if you were able to receive a settlement in an unusual circumstance, your achievement will help people in the future who face the same circumstances.

2. Your lawsuit could prevent future harm to others

If the person who caused your injury has a habit of being reckless, the only thing that might put a stop to their behavior is a lawsuit. With the threat of possible time in jail or a hefty fine, that person will think twice about engaging in the same activity that caused your injury.

At that point, the person may be more concerned with avoiding fines than not injuring anyone else, but it’s a good place for them to start.

Think about people who drive drunk, or even buzzed. Many people believe they’re perfectly fine to drive when they can barely walk. Others drive buzzed, not knowing the consumption of even a slight amount of alcohol is still a danger. ABC News describes a US study of 1.5 million fatal accidents that indicates even a trace of alcohol - .01 – is enough to cause a deadly crash.

If you get injured by someone who thinks they’re okay to drive while buzzed, that person needs to be sued. By doing so, you’re more than likely putting a stop to their behavior that might one day kill someone.

3. You could get your medical bills covered

Medical bills from a personal injury incident are usually sky high, even when insurance covers some of them. There’s no reason you should have to pay to recover from an injury that wasn’t your fault.

Not all insurance covers every test and procedure you need, and there is usually a limit to how long the coverage will last. Eventually, it will run out, and if you need long-term therapy or rehabilitation, you’re out of luck.

When you lawyer up to pursue someone in court, you have a better chance at getting those long-term therapies paid for. The coverage of those therapies can be included in the settlement from the beginning.

Personal injury settlements are often paid by an insurance company, provided there is a policy in place. If the insurance policy doesn’t cover everything, then the individual considered at-fault will have to cover the rest out of pocket.

4. You might qualify for disability benefits

If you don’t pursue the other person in court, you could miss out on disability benefits. The laws vary between locales, but when you have a lawyer on your side, you have more power to get the settlement you deserve.

As an individual, it’s sometimes difficult to get disability benefits. If your employer doesn’t have the proper coverage, it’s even harder. A lawyer can fight for you to recover the disability benefits you need to maintain your normal way of living while you recover from your injuries.

5. You could end up with extra money to pay off debt

After you’ve paid your medical bills, you might find yourself with a nifty pile of leftover cash. The smart thing to do is pay off other debt, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. If you’ve been injured, you’ve earned it.

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