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5 Top Reasons Students from Canada Look for Custom Writing Help Online

Traditionally, essay writing has been considered an important part of a comprehensive liberal educational system. Having the required skills to write an essay coherently and elegantly is thought to be a benchmark for adequate scholarship.

According to research published in the Higher Education Research & Development journal, Universities do not sufficiently equiptheir students with academic writing skills,running the risk of greater numbers failing to complete degree courses.

“Most graduate student writers come into academia without the knowledge and skills of how to handle large, complex academic writing projects; therefore, lowering their self-efficacy,” said Margarita Huerta, assistant professor of educational and clinical studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

“The consequences are potentially slower graduation rates, larger numbers of incomplete degrees and non-published theses/dissertations.”

This has caused lots of students to be under tremendous pressure to churn out several A-grade papers every semester. To relieve this pressure, it became natural for students in Canada to seek out custom writing services online to get their work done.

However, the reason students utilize these services can vary. It could simply be because the student has too much work and outsourcing some of the work can help complete the task faster, or because of the ease and efficiency of some timely custom writing help.

Also, the study found that students for whom English was not their first language had “statistically significant higher writing anxiety and lower self-efficacy compared to native English speakers”.

Here are the top 5 reasons Canadian students seek custom writing help online.

Mistakes during course selection

It is an open secret that some students often select courses they dislike, and these courses may not even be mandatory. In this case, students struggle to understand syllabuses and corresponding assignments.

On the long run, students are faced with multiple failures and to salvage the situation, they resort to finding help online.

Tendency to think more practically than theoretically

Quite a number of students these days are practical thinkers; and with theoretical papers that might be void of real life scenarios, students see assignments as some often annoying but important piece of the educational process.

This point-of-view may not be a very inspiring one, however,this goes to prove that students become more practical and job-oriented. Students would rather spend a week working meticulously on interesting practical assignment—even if it is a very challenging task—than dealing with lots of simple and theoretical ones which can be written by the expert writers at little cost.

Lack of sufficient time

Normally, students don’t live the way they are depicted in the American entertainment scene: constant parties, drinks and relationships. In reality, students spend more of their time studying and in class, juggling heavy workloads and regular assignments.This not only makes them exhausted but contributes to the overall hate for their assignments.

To stay at the top of their course, they implore different techniques—most of which includes outsourcing their work to various online custom writing service providers.

Poor sleeping habits

This reason is linked to the previous one, as increasing workload causes studentsto suffer sleep deprivation, dehydration and ultimately insomnia; making them less efficient. The effect of this problems leads to a chain reaction of other problems such as obesity, stress and even depression

"We found that week-long irregular sleep schedules are significantly associated with lower self-reported morning and evening happiness, healthiness and calmness during the week, even after controlling for weekly average sleep duration," said author Akane Sano in a study.

Due to this, students tend to perform worse, receive worse grades and try to compensate it with pulling the “all-nighter” tactics.However, due to the evident effect on student’s health, they decide it’s not worth it, and search for solutions online; leading them to quick online custom writing services.

Search for an alternative form of education

In some specific type of papers, such as marketing case studies, literature reviews, etc., students search for alternative sources of information—such as sample papers—to utilize as models. Students don’t necessarily plagiarise these materials, but use them as a standard template or guide, even during team assignments.

This happens majorly because even modern textbooks are not sufficient enough to learn how to deal with some specific assignments—a strong indicator of the lapses in the educational system. To gain more knowledge, students proceed to search out and patronize online custom writing agencies.

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