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Safety Tips For Fire Pits

Outdoor fire places and fire pits can create an amazing ambiance and equally provide warmth for guests when throwing an outdoor party.

However, there can equally cause severe injuries and burns when not properly installed or when safety measures are ignored.

“We see lots of burns caused by outdoor fire pits,” said Annette Newman, RN, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Burn Center at University of Utah Health in a report.

“People get too close to the flames, or accidentally fall in, burn themselves on the hot metal, or even burn themselves hours after they think the fire is out on coals that are still hot.”

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the number of burn victims has “almost tripled in the past decade in the United States, with more than 5,300 of such injuries reported within the U.S. last year alone.” A reason for an increase is causalities can be attributed to the fact that more and more fire pits are being sold nationwide.

“Anyone using one of these fire pits needs to be aware of the danger they can pose,” said Newman. “You can’t just set it up and assume since the fire is contained in one area that everything is safe.”

To ensure safety, a fire pit must be set up properly—that’s why it is extremely important to ensure that you obtain adequate training or safety guides while buying one. Ensure that the pit is enclosed in an area that is far away from dry bush or hanging branches. For portable fire pits, it would be safer to place them on a completely level surface, away from high traffic regions and where it would be difficult to jostle or tip over.

“Before you even consider building a buying a fire pit make sure they are allowed by law,” said Newman. “Some areas may have ordinances against them due to fire danger – or limit when in the year they can be used.”

Set up clear instructions and regulations about individual behaviour around the fire pit—and ensure that everyone, especially children, who will be close to the fire are aware of them. The regulations should include important factors such as the distance people have to keep from the fire, who is allowed and who isn’t permitted to tend the fire, and who is in charge of monitoring children and pets near the fire.

“You also should have something to extinguish the fire on hand,” said Newman. “Make sure everyone knows what it is, where it is, and how to use it.”

Using only wood and kindling is the best way to start when setting up your fire. Never use paper or other flammable materials that could escape from the fire and cause damage. Also, it’s incredibly important to never use any kind of accelerant like gasoline or kerosene.

“Kids can be tempted to throw items into the fire to fan the flames,” said Newman. “It’s important they know that is not okay.”

The fire must be properly extinguished was it has served its purpose. Never leave hot coals sitting out—irrespective of whether there’s a screen or cover over the top of the pit. The best way to extinguish all flames and embers is by pouring cold water on them.

“Remember, coals can stay hot up to 12 hours after being extinguished,” said Newman.

A serious fire accident only takes a few moments to happen is proper precaution isn’t taken. Staying alert and being aware of the potential dangers and making other people conscious of them too, is the key to ensuring everyone’s safety.

“However, if a serious burn does occur seek medical attention as quickly as possible,” said Newman.

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