19 April 2019 Posted By : Hugh Armitage

Marvel boss Kevin Feige promises to keep Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool exactly as he is

The X-Men will shortly be rejoining their Marvel pals thanks to the Disney-Fox merger, and right now the most interesting (and profitable) character lining up for the reunion is Deadpool.

We've wondered how the foul-mouthed assassin will fit into Disney's family-friendly brand, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige wants us to know they won't be messing with Ryan Reynolds' winning formula.

"When we were purchased, Bob (Iger) said to us, 'If it's not broke, don't fix it'," he told Variety, presumably referring to Disney's acquisition of Marvel back in 2009.

"There's no question that Deadpool is working, so why would we change it?"

Feige is clearly excited to get his hands on Fox's Marvel characters, which also include the Fantastic Four and a host of related superheroes and villains.

"We spent 12 years at Marvel Studios really embracing and digging into all the stories of characters who had never been brought to the screen before.

"There would be times when we'd have a supporting player or a reference point or something for a movie and legal would go, 'Don't forget that character's on that other list and you don't have access to it','" he said.

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