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What To Expect From a Virtual Doctor Visit

Virtual doctor visits are becoming more and more common, but many people haven’t tried it yet and wonder what it would be like. In many ways, it is just like an in-person visit, only much more convenient because you can do it from home, and even on your smartphone.

Let's walk through a typical virtual doctor visit to see what it's like.

Make Your Appointment

You'll be making your appointment online and at that time you’ll need to register for an account if you haven't done so already. You'll need to verify your identity so that the office knows it’s you that’s seeing the doctor, and to keep everything secure and confidential.

You may be asked about your medical history if they don't already have this information on file for you. The doctor needs to be able to have all of the pertinent information available so that they can make an accurate diagnosis during your visit.

See A Real Doctor (Virtually)

There's nothing virtual about the doctor you'll be seeing, they will be a real, qualified doctor just like you'd be able to see if you came into the office. If you've ever waited over 30 minutes in a doctor's office to see a doctor you’ll appreciate the streamlined nature of how things go during a virtual visit.

Pick Up Your Prescription If Needed

If you were prescribed ADHD meds, allergy medication, birth control, or some other regular medication you will be able to pick it up from your local pharmacy as soon as they receive it from the doctor. This can often happen much quicker than with an in-person visit, and one day there will likely be prescription delivery service so you won’t need to leave the house at all.

Benefits And Drawbacks

Here are some of the biggest benefits and one drawback to a virtual doctor visit:

Privacy -  The visit will be conducted in a room dedicated for virtual visits at the doctor's office. From your end the visit takes place at your home or other private place of your choosing. Therefore you don't have to come to the office, sit in the waiting room, and possibly have your visit overheard from someone in the next room.

There is an increased level of privacy with a virtual visit and many patients report positive ratings in terms of how comfortable this made them feel.

Security -  Because everything is done online there is less likelihood of getting things mixed up with someone else, or having something omitted from your file. You verify your identity and account when you log into the system, and the doctor does the same from their end. Everything is conducted over an encrypted connection so you don't have to worry about your personal or sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

No Tactile Feedback -  One possible drawback to a virtual visit is that the doctor won't be able to get any tactile feedback from you. They can't feel your lymph nodes, listen to your breathing with a stethoscope, or look into your ears with an otoscope. For some ailments a virtual visit might not be feasible, but for most ordinary visits it works great.

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