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3 Ways To Make Losing Weight Simple And Easy

Losing weight is one of the hardest things to achieve. The actual process of losing weight is simple, but it’s the planning and unwavering commitment that makes it hard.

Truth be told, every weight loss system has the potential to produce lasting results, even though many of them claim to be the only thing that works. The programs that boast the highest success rates can do so because their success stories have chosen to continue a smart and healthy lifestyle.

In other words, the system will help you drop the weight but your lifestyle choices are completely responsible for whether you keep it off or not.

No matter what weight loss system you’re using, here are several universal tips to help you get the most out of your efforts – and keep the weight off for good.

1. Track but don’t judge your progress by the scale

The Complete Human Performance blog reveals the truth about tracking progress: “If you want to improve on something, you need to track your progress, and the behaviors that cause progress. Researchers call this “self-monitoring” – the process of tracking and analyzing your thoughts and actions to become more aware of how they impact your goals.”

This is absolutely true, especially when you’re working to lose weight. Tracking your progress is important. However, the scale is not a complete or accurate representation of progress. Weight fluctuates throughout the day, and in less than a day your body can hold onto, or let go of, as much as ten pounds of “weight” that has nothing to do with what you’re eating.

The scale only gives you a general representation of your progress. Anyone who has lost a significant amount of body size will tell you that inches come off faster than pounds. It’s entirely possible (and common) to remain the same weight for a month while losing 2 inches around your waist.

To get an accurate representation of your progress, it’s imperative to monitor your progress in multiple ways. The best way is by measuring yourself, taking weekly photos, and trying on clothes you know to be too small. There will be a day when the scale won’t reflect much progress but you’ll be able to slip into a pair of your old jeans.

2. Avoid mixing elements from other strategies and systems

It’s tempting to jump into trying everything you can think of that might help your weight loss efforts, but don’t jump into anything without doing your research. What seems like a good idea may not be compatible with your current system or efforts.

For instance, if you’re following the Simeons protocol, there’s a specific reason you’re not allowed to eat broccoli or squash. The protocol works from many angles, one of which is through creating clean and quick digestion. Broccoli contains the indigestible sugar raffinose which causes gas and bloating. Not only will broccoli halt your progress on the Simeons protocol, but the bloating will make you think you’ve gained weight.

If you’re following a different protocol like Weight Watchers or the South Beach Diet, you’ll find broccoli on the list of foods you can eat because the overall protocol is designed to work on different principles.

If you mix and match your weight loss protocols, you’ll end up with minimal (or no) results.

Another aspect to be aware of is using a surgical procedure to lose weight. Liposuction, for example, isn’t a weight loss surgery despite its reputation. Yes, you will lose weight but that’s not the primary purpose.

Always Youthful explains this misunderstanding, “Because liposuction reduces body fat, it is erroneously thought of as a weight loss alternative. While losing weight may be a side effect of the procedure, it is not the primary goal. Liposuction is meant to sculpt and reshape the body.”

After you’ve completed your weight loss progress to your satisfaction, then you can consider liposuction to sculpt and shape your body as you see fit.

3. Prepare meals ahead of time

Nothing invites you to eat the whole bag of chips by reaching straight into the bag. You don’t know how much you’re eating because you can’t see. The same goes for being in the kitchen making a home-cooked meal. By the time you’re done adding ingredients, one meal could contain more than a full day’s worth of calories.

Preparing meals ahead of time, portioning them out, and freezing them will make your weight loss efforts much easier, no matter what system you’re following.

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