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Radiation from Smart Meters can Weaken Heart Function

A new video has emerged online; proving that radiation transmitted from smart meters can directly influence the function of the human heart. This research was conducted by Warren Woodward; an expert in smart meter microwave transmission power, and the video of the entire procedure published online. The research contradicts the account of the government on the safety of the radiation emitted from these devices.

To further prove this point, Warren Woodward lay close to an Elster smart meter and attached himself to an EKG monitor. The smart meter was connected to a high-frequency analyzer that measures microwave frequencies. It was noticed that when the reading on the smart meter was normal, the subject’s heart readings remained normal and symmetrical, but when the smart meter initiated data transmissions and its readings spiked, the subjects EKG readings changed dramatically. It was said that these dramatic changes could end up overworking the heart, probably resulting in major damage to the heart.

Dr. Gilberto Leon, a holistic medicine doctor from Chandler, Arizona, says that the emittance of these dangerous waves from the smart meters are dangerous most especially to people with pre-existing heart conditions, he denounced the occurrence as “an unnatural sequence of events that we’re not programmed to respond to,”.  This is a frightening development, especially when one considers the fact that the Elster smart meter used for this experiment, only transmits very low volume of watts. There are other smart meter brands transmitting thrice as much watt as Elster, and it can be deduced that the damage caused by these other brands might be three times as much as that observed with Elster.

Naturalhealth365, recalls the tragic story of a man who was killed by a fire caused by a Pacific Gas and Electric smart meter, with the fire consuming his house the day after contractors installed a Landis and Gyr meter. Also Larry Nikkel, a well-liked local musician who was on the eve of retirement from his day job as groundskeeper at Solano Community College, lost his life due to smoke inhalation and burns from electrical fire. A wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family against the utility company, subcontractor and meter manufacturer, the report says has since been settled for an undisclosed sum.

Woodward in the video, called for the government to start a safety recall on these smart meters. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has also asked for a recall of smart meters until their effects have been adequately studied.A great number of people, live their daily lives in close proximity to these devices, unaware of the damage it may be causing to their hearts, most especially people with pre-existing heart conditions. According  to Lori Alton, writing for Naturalhealth365, “Although we’ve been told by utility companies and utility regulators that smart meters are safe and have no effect, the fact is: smart meters may be affecting everyone’s health by stressing cardiac function”. Citizens can help by joining the crusade to demand for the safety recall of these devices to mitigate the serious health concerns posed by the existence of smart meters.

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