30 March 2019 Posted By : Anisha Dhiman

How can cannabis help with weight loss?

It’s time to face the facts: summer is fast approaching and with bulky winter coats giving way to more fitted garb, there will be no more hiding that winter fat. If hitting the gym is an option best left as a (failed) New Year resolution, how about giving cannabis a shot?

The sharp rise in the munchies—seriously, it’s a thing—is being blamed on the legalization of recreational pot. While marijuana does increase appetite, it could also help with losing weight; the trick is figuring out which weed strain will end up becoming a fitness buddy.

It seems as though that’s true. A study published in 2011 evaluated the presence of obesity among adults over the age of 18. The results showed that “of the 50,736 eligible respondents from the U.S., the prevalence of obesity was significantly lower in cannabis users than in non-users.” Another study, published in 2010, collected data from 2,566 adults over the age of 21. Once again, findings highlighted lower overweightedness and obesity among adult cannabis users. Still, “further research is needed to examine the mechanism of this association,” researchers added.

“The effects can be varied on individuals,” says Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi, senior medical advisor for Elevate Hemp, a U.S.-based manufacturer of CBD products. “Some people admit that cannabis makes them more alert, while others find the effects calming. The big difference lies in the cannabis strains,” Dr. Khaleghi notes.

What cannabis strains can help you lose weight?

The basics of losing weight include monitoring calorie intake, exercise and getting proper rest or sleep both before and after workout sessions. And while cannabis can’t solve all of life’s problem, it can certainly help.

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