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Former USAF Official Says Aliens Have Worked With Scientists In Secret Projects



On 07 July, renowned UFO researcher PhD Michael Salla published a very interesting analysis on the shocking revelations that former USAF (United States Air Force) official Emery Smith made about alleged classified projects involving extraterrestrials and humans.

In an interview with journalist David Wilcock, Mr Smith expressed that some alien entities have “volunteered” to help scientists several secret programs. “Some of the scientists and physicians are actually of “un-Earth origin” – this is the term they use – which are extraterrestrials, which have volunteered, either after being captured or volunteered through the system, through the compartmentalized program, to work to actually help us, because they kind of actually feel bad sometimes, even after we capture them and beat the heck out of them and do horrible things to them”, he explained.

“I would say they’re benevolent. I would say they’re a very humanitarian type of thought process. They’re a lot smarter than us. They could actually at any time probably do damage to us or hurt us with their telekinesis and telepathic abilities, but they don’t”, the former official asserted. “Being next to one of these extraterrestrials, by the way, including the Ant people and the Mantis people, you have a really beautiful self-feeling being in their energy fields”, he added.

Later, he gave details about the mysterious healings that have occurred when these beings are in contact with sick people. “I do not know how that works. I think it’s electromagnetic of some frequency that allows the body, their body, that already generates a very, very high vibration, to heal. It actually brings our vibration up so our cells are running at a specific voltage, so our own cells can heal ourselves. A lot of this energy is telepathic and telekinetic, so you actually feel happy”, he commented. “It actually enlightens you. It actually puts you in a good mood, and your body picks up on this”, he continued.

Then, Mr Smith described his experience gathering tissue samples of alien bodies and working near alien spacecraft. “I was brought into what they call ‘multi-level projects’, which means it’s not just me going in there harvesting a piece of tissue, but you’re actually harvesting many different kinds of tissue and also working with the being’s craft. These projects could have up to three teams of 15 scientists and physicians and technicians working on just one being and one craft”, he asserted. “They usually keep the extraterrestrials and the craft separate. So you might have a bay not too far away, maybe within 300 meters, which is very close, by the way, because these things are SO spread out underground, you know, up to 10 miles in diameter some of these bases”, he claimed.

In the opinion of Mr Salla, what the former USAF official declared undeniably proves that “different nations have been assisted by different groups of extraterrestrials in studying alien physiology, advanced medical science, and reverse engineering antigravity spacecraft for decades in classified programs”.

“His testimony shows how far classified programs have evolved, despite official government claims that extraterrestrial life has still not been discovered”, he commented.

Draw your own conclusions...

For more information: https://www.exopolitics.org/extraterrestrials-working-with-humans-in-usaf-classified-programs/

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