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Conspiracy Theory Links Illuminati With Imminent Alien Invasion


Last month, on 11 July, YouTube UFO cannel UFOmania – The Truth Is Out There released a shocking video according to which the Illuminati (a secret society similar to the Freemasons) is allegedly preparing the field for an imminent alien invasion of Earth.

The video describes how the concept of a secret society like the Illuminati has been slowly introduced in movies and documentaries about conspiracies and dark operations involving aliens and human elite. “Apart from its inaccuracies and its clearly tendentious script, the word Illuminati has begun to enter with more force in awakening debates and discussions, but what of all this is true? What does it have to do with extraterrestrial contact?” the video states. “Some believe that this editorial boom is not an accident; some believe that things are happening so that human society understands that it has been manipulated by the forces of darkness, be they human or extraterrestrial”, it adds.

The video also made reference of the opinion of researchers like David Icke, who claims that there is a cosmic conspiracy against humans. “David Icke emphasized that the alleged conspiracy is of cosmic origins, pointing to a race of reptilian beings as responsible. In addition, if all this was not enough, these entities would be living together among us. It was even said that former president George W. Bush was one of them and that he secretly mutated his form to a reptile”, it asserts.

Another point of interest related to this issue is the influence of the Age of Aquarius, which will allegedly bring the destruction of Christianism and the emergence of a new syncretic cult called the Babylonian religion. “In many of the writings of the esoteric schools, it is mentioned that every two thousand years a new era begins, leaving aside the previous one. For them, Jesus represents the Age of Pisces, which already fulfilled its time of influence on Earth and therefore must give way to the next era: the Age of Aquarius”, the recording states. “Deepening on the source of its teachings, we arrive at a pyramidal organisation of power that ends in the supposed ascended masters, known to all others as extraterrestrials”, it continues.

“It is not a secret that they [the followers of esoteric cults] receive their teaching from supposed beings from other planets. However, what is kept secret is the spiritual origin of this information”, it is mentioned.

Finally, considering all these factors and the possibility of a global collapse due to alien operations, the video suggests that humans “must all unite as a race in the case of an extraterrestrial threat”.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EpEuqRDG0s

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