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Top 6 Reasons to Take Your Child on a Cruise

Traveling with children often gets a bad rap, but don’t let other people’s horror stories scare you off. If you plan strategically and choose trips that are likely to mesh with your family’s personality and ages, you could have a blast traveling the world with your kids.

There are plenty of different ways to travel, obviously, but one of the most suitable for families with kids is cruise-ship travel. Here we investigate six reasons why.

Minimal Stress

“As a parent, cruises also make travel a lot easier. You unpack once. Since you travel while you sleep, you wake up refreshed in a new port rather than scrambling through security at airports, waiting for your flight and then repeating the drill when you land,” Ticket to Learn explains.

“Airports have been built away from the cities, while cities were built around the port. In most ports, one can walk off the ship right into the city, saving time and money.”

In other words, cruise travel is designed to be far less stressful than many other traditional modes of travel. You get swept from destination to destination without having to fumble around with maps, GPS systems, mass transit, and confusing vehicle traffic laws.


Let’s be honest: There’s something about riding aboard a massive ship that glides through the ocean that’s pretty exciting. When you’re a kid, nothing is cooler than floating from place to place and getting to experience fun, onboard experiences while waiting for the next adventure. (Well, maybe a train is cooler, but they don’t go all the places you might want to see.)


A cruise ship vacation may be fun and exciting, but depending on the itinerary you select, it can also be highly educational. Whether it’s a cruise off the coast of the U.S., a Mediterranean cruise through the Greek Isles, or a river cruise through the heart of Europe, this style of travel can be highly educational: It allows children to experience new cultures in a fairly easy and low-stress format.

One of the neatest things about a cruise is that you will get to see so many different places. Because the boat travels while you sleep, you can easily visit five or six different nations or cities during a single weeklong cruise.

In other words, you may condense multiple cultural experiences into a short period of time.

Exceptional Value

The value you receive from a cruise is unmatched. Depending on the type of voyage you go on, the ticket price may include food, drinks, rooms, excursions, and entertainment.

This cuts the number of times you have to reach for your wallet, and allows you to maximize the value and devote less time to worrying about how much you’re spending.

Highly Social

Traveling alone with your family can be isolating. You have each other, of course, but there isn’t much time to interact with other people if you have a lot of places to visit. A cruise gives you time to build connections with people, since you spend a lot of time in transit with them.


Finally, cruise-ship travel guarantees a satisfying balance of rewards for both parents and children. Your kids get to experience new cities and check out a variety of historic or natural sites, but they also get to relax by the pool, play games, and eat great food on board.

This balanced regimen shrinks the potential for anyone getting burned out and ensures every kid -- regardless of personality or interests -- will have a fun time.

Anchors Aweigh

Cruise-ship travel is awesome for a number of reasons. For kids, it’s perhaps the easiest and most beneficial way to see a lot of what the world has to offer.

The key is to plan ahead and make sure you select a cruise line, itinerary, and schedule that aligns the best with your family’s needs.

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