Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape Goes Viral

Big Brother’s hottest contestant for the 2017 season is in the headlines for a MAJOR scandal! The Jasmine Waltz sex tape is going absolutely viral, and all of the model’s fan base are truly over-joyed by this news. Don’t know who this gorgeous brunette beauty is?! Well, meet your new favorite reality TV babe… I’m sure you’ll be obsessing about her from now on. SCROLL DOWN TO S [...]

17 February 2017

Fetty Wap Sex Tape with Alexis Sky Released!

Rapper Fetty Wap is in the midst of his own leaked sex tape scandal. His ex-girlfriend Alexis Sky (that’s a stripper name if we’ve ever heard one) is said to be in possesion of the tape. TMZ was able to obtain the cease and desist from Fetty’s attorneys — and it sounds like he’s pretty pissed off. How long do you think Fetty Wap lasted? Now, the Fetty Wap sex tape has been  [...]

17 February 2017

Elizabeth Ruiz Nude Pics

Eizabeth Ruiz recently forced her name into the news by running a Kim Kardashian like ploy: have sex with a famous man — NFL linebacker Von Miller — and “leak” the sex tape online. Gossip sites have exploded with the possible extortion attempt, but who knows what the real story is. Elizabeth has been a social media ho, as you will soon see. Ever since the tape rumor, searches fo [...]

17 February 2017

Ashley Greene Nude Uncensored Pics!

One of the Twilight actresses just so happens to be a Fappening victim! Yep, folks, the Ashley Greene Nude Leaked Pics have been exposed, and she looks pretty yummy! Back when this happened in 2014, little was known about the star. This beauty is now in the spotlight more than ever. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE NAKED PICS AND MORE! Aww shit! Bangable as fuck! The brunette is mostly known f [...]

16 February 2017

Dating: Girl asks - How much should I shave down there?

Q.  How often should i shave down there? I have sensitive skin and don't want to get irritation, as that is just gross, but i am wondering how often someone without sensitive skin would shave and how often is the generally accepted time period. thank you!A.  You know, I was just reading an interesting article in The Atlantic about how more and more women are shaving their lady busin [...]

16 February 2017

Online dating: How to avoid fake profiles

Online dating site has been very popular nowadays and it has become a good way to meet the perfect date especially for those who are too busy to socialize and meet a lot of people. There are a lot of dating sites that people can join on the internet so that they can find their partner. People can join a free dating site where they do not have to pay a cent for the service or they can also join p [...]

16 February 2017

Online Dating -- Ottawa: Top Ten Tips for Guys seeking Ladies

Online Dating is probably the easiest way to find a relationship; all it takes is a click of a mouse, some typing, and a bit of exploring to find your soulmate or simply a good time. There are many guys out there who have trouble with ordinary dating. Many guys are just too shy or are too busy to make the time to meet ladies at various social activities. It is when guys who are eligible bachelor [...]

16 February 2017

Sleeping with Him on the First Date – Relationship Killer?

It’s an age old debate – should you have sex with someone on the first date? There are many sides to this story, and a lot of different theories, and it can be hard to come up with a definitive answer as far as this topic is concerned. Of course, if you are on the lead-up to a great first date with a man you are lusting over more than a large slab of gooey chocolate cake, knowing there are dif [...]

16 February 2017

Online Dating: Ten Netiquette Tips For Guys

Nowadays, looking for something or someone has been made a lot easier through the help of the internet. People use the World Wide Web in finding information, paying bills and even looking for companionship. There are many online dating sites available where you can find your future long time partner. However, engaging in online dating is not that easy and it also requires tact when interacting w [...]

16 February 2017

Online Dating: Ten simple reasons it’s for you

If you are looking into investigating the world of online dating, but haven’t been quite pushed over the edge to persuade yourself to sign up, here are a few reasons why online dating most definitely is for you: 10. Online dating is no longer considered as a desperate option. It once had a bad reputation, but now is one of the most prolific ways to meet new people. 9. It is a great way to m [...]

16 February 2017

Dating: Top ten things to have on a first date

Come on now boys and girls; it’s time to get thinking. You have that great big first date booked, and now the time has come to get ready, pick your cutest outfit, get your “swag” on, and primp and preen for the big event. Of course, many boys and girls will spend so much time on getting ready for the big date, that they often forget the essentials, especially when it comes to safety and se [...]

16 February 2017

Online Dating: Top Ten Advantages of Paid over Free Sites

The world of online dating is a fickle one, with new websites springing up on an almost daily basis, and with more websites to choose from than ever before, comes longer times deciding on which one or ones that you should use. If you are wondering whether you should use a paid website over the freebie ones, here are ten very clear reasons why the paid ones win: 10. The paid ones will generally [...]

16 February 2017

Nicki Minaj Nude Collection [New Pics!]

We don’t blame you for wanting to see Nicki Minaj naked. She is definitely the sexiest female rapper who has ever lived and one of the finest looking entertainers of this generation. People can’t seem to get enough of her sizzling huge ass, delicious ham thighs and those deliciously tear-drop tan boobs that she is always flaunting. Take a peek at Minaj’s uncovered gems below and [...]

16 February 2017

Kate Upton Scores Cover of Sports Illustrated 2017

Our big titty blondie has made the cover of Sports Illustrated — for the third time.  Those knockers are famous, man.  Kate Upton was chosen for the cover again by SI this year, after gracing the cover in 2012 and 2013.  She has name recognition, but there are other busty babes that could knock her off that throne. There is a distinct lack of swimsuit in many of the photos… so e [...]

16 February 2017

Phone Sex: Top 5 reasons why men choose it

The sexual field is wide open these days and those who look for unique sexual experiences have many methods to choose from. One of the most popular and safest is Phone sex. Why do men prefer this type of service? Sexual exploration Phone sex is a good way to explore your sexual desires safely with a woman. Ms Kara Balck is a perfect example of that. Phone sex isn’t just a bunch of “ohh ba [...]

16 January 2016

Adult Dating: Where To Go Online for a Spring Fling?

Adult dating is no longer very difficult, thanks to the internet. Today, there are many adult dating sites where people can find a free sex date online. Earlier, it was very hard for people to find sexual partners for the night unless they were ready to pay for it. Paying for sex is illegal in many places and might even be considered immoral by many people. However, things have changed and wit [...]

16 January 2016

Anal Sex: Special Condom Is Being Developed

An anal sex specific prototype of a new generation of condoms is being tested by Boston’s Fenway Institute as part of a clinical trial by the US National Institutes of Health.Origami Condoms have developed a new kind of sexual barriers which simulate condomless sex and their anal condom hopes to be a game changer in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections among gay men [...]

16 January 2016

Eastboys.com provides Gay Erotica Alternative

East Boys is a sizzling hot site dedicated to providing you with hand job gay porn and the naughtiest, horniest, sexiest gay porn around! If you're looking for real amateur cock and not staged porno that's made to look amateur, then this is the site for you! When I first saw the tour for this site, I was not only greeted with a very attractive site design, but also by a smoking hot Anime [...]

16 January 2016


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