Alberta online gambling platform delayed until 2021

It looks like the provincial government of Alberta, the United Conservative Party (UCP), still plans to allow a locally licensed online gambling platform, according to the 2020-21 budget released on February 27. But it doesn’t look like that will likely occur until at least the middle of 2021. This new delay was revealed in an email from Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) sp [...]

17 September 2020

Canada’s casinos crawling back to life, but still far from lively

Canada’s land-based casino sector is slowly creaking back to life after its long pandemic shutdown this spring. Last Friday, casino operator Great Canadian Gaming Corp (GCG) announced plans to reopen 11 casinos in Ontario that were ordered shut in mid-March as local COVID-19 infection rates spiraled out of control. The venues are scheduled to reopen on Monday, September 28. The Ontario L [...]

17 September 2020

Fort St. John urges province to reopen casinos as city revenue shrinks

The mayor of Fort St. John, B.C., is asking the provincial government to show its cards on reopening casinos, as the pandemic continues to drain municipal coffers. In a letter to Premier John Horgan, Mayor Lori Ackerman said her town's revenue has shrunk since mid-March from nearly $900,000 last fiscal year to around $270,000 during the first six months of thi [...]

17 September 2020

Great Canadian Gaming to reopen casinos in Ontario and New Brunswick Sept. 28

TORONTO -- Great Canadian Gaming Corp. says it will reopen its casinos on Sept. 28 in Ontario and New Brunswick that have been closed since March 16. The Toronto-based company says 11 Ontario casinos will adhere to provincial guidelines, which include indoor limits of 50 people and no operation of table games or other amenities. Its casino in New Brunswick will also open that day, w [...]

17 September 2020

Mayors press premier to work with casinos on reopening plans

LONDON, ONT. -- With casinos still closed in the region, municipalities feeling the financial impacts are speaking up. “You can’t open a casino with only 50 people in the door not in a practical way anyways,” says Drew Dilkens, Mayor of Windsor. In a letter obtained by CTV News, 25 mayors who make up the Casino Host Municipalities Group express concern about the “significant job [...]

17 September 2020

Casino Nova Scotia Halifax, Sydney Relaunch Gaming

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is here to make a new announcement regarding its daily operation in Atlantic Canada. Casino Nova Scotia is going to relaunch its gaming offerings on October 5, following the implementation of all safety protocols. Both Sydney and Halifax will see the return of in-person gaming come next month. The two casino venues in question had to close for business [...]

17 September 2020

Watch out for the pitfalls of online gambling

The world of online gambling is filled with mysteries, legends, and pure misinformation. We’ve all heard stories about scams, huge jackpot wins, free bonuses, and problems with withdrawing winnings from the casino account. It’s thrilling and chilling at the same time, and as human beings - what we don’t know, scares us. Knowledge is power, and knowledge about online gambling is key to [...]

03 July 2020

Expert tips on how to win the lottery

The chances of winning the lottery are extremely low, as you're four times more likely to be struck by lightning than hitting jackpot. However, with the Powerball and Mega Millions having a combined jackpot of over $2 billion in October 2018, it the largest prize in U.S. lottery history, according to a CNN report. Therefore, irrespective of how minimal the chances of winning are, it is s [...]

15 May 2019

Lottery Winners Face Burdens

Striking jackpot in a lottery takes gargantuan amount of luck. For lottery winners though, winning is just a little step in achieving financial security, as the thrills of falling into unexpected wealth can be quite overwhelming. Carmen Castellano and Alcario were lottery winners more than a decade ago, winning a whooping sum of $141 million in California. While the tendency to fritter [...]

20 November 2017

Bgo introduces a new Verne Troyer campaign to remove bonus restrictions

Austin Powers actor, Verne Troyer, was the face of a new promotional campaign by online casino operators bgo. The campaign—started on October 16, launched a new reward system to eliminate wagering requirements, maximum bets, and maximum winsconnected to every bonus and reward. Bgo announced the move originally in September, remarking that it prioritises its customer satisfaction, and the n [...]

23 October 2017

Online Slot Breaks Guinness World Record as Largest Jackpot Ever

Have you ever thought about what you’d do if you won a life-changing amount of money gambling? Of course you have. We all have. It’s the ultimate get-rich-quick dream. But that’s just a fantasy, right? For some, yes, but not for Jon Heywood of the UK. Lucky Mr. Heywood won a staggering €17,879,645 ($20,062,600, £13,209,300) on the extremely popular Mega Moolah online progressive slot [...]

06 July 2017

A Recent History of Gambling Advertising

Gambling advertising is as old as gambling itself. From the first “Step right up folks” yelled in a crowded town square to all the modern online ads and social media marketing campaigns, there were quite a few creative tricks used over the years. That being said, it has been far more difficult for those in the gambling industry to reach out to their target audience in recent decades, mainly [...]

09 May 2017

PlayOLG: Tips for the Ontario Lottery on How to Improve its Online Gaming Venue

PlayOLG, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation's own online casino, has recently turned two years old. The company has not released any information about the venue's performance yet but - considering that it has some of the features its offshore competitors have to offer - one can expect it to show a considerable growth compared to its first year. While PlayOLG is by far the most attractive [...]

23 February 2017

Is it Really Possible to Form a Slot Machine Strategy?

If slots are your casino game of choice, then you are like many other people that can't seem to get enough of these machines. Over the years, you've probably won and lost many times, but have you ever stopped to think if there is a strategy you could form? Are slot machines purely based on luck, or is there a way you can “beat the game” and figure out a way to win big? Slot machines are rea [...]

26 January 2017

Tips on How to Win Big in Online Gaming

Are you thinking of giving online gaming a trial but you have absolutely no clue how to go about it, well then, I guess it’s your lucky day! Following on from their recent Beginners guide to Online Craps, Red Flush Casino have put together their best tips on how to win big in online gaming – fullstop: Use Good Bankroll Management: Playing within your means is the number one rule. St [...]

22 December 2016

Where Spread Betting will be One Year From now

Spread betting is a type of speculation that couples betting for a price movement of a certain security. The company that is involved in the spread betting gives two prices normally known as the bid price and the price on offer. The difference between the two is what is referred to as the spread. Investors go ahead and place bets on whether the prices of the underlying stock will go down, or the b [...]

11 July 2016

Canada and Australia: Two Untapped Gaming Markets With the Same Legal Issues

Online gambling is a massive industry, with billions of dollars in both taxes and profits generated each year. In countries where it is regulated, that is - because several major markets are inaccessible for gaming operators. One of them is the US, where the market is allegedly kept closed by land-based casino firms that actively lobby against online gaming regulation. The other two are Canada and [...]

28 June 2016

Easy Money: 7 Strategies for Winning at Online Casinos

Casinos are fun, and a good way to win some money while having fun. But how to maximize your winnings? Below is a list of some helpful essential strategies, which can take you one-step closer to winning at online casinos. Choose wisely: Do not simply select an online casino operator because it shows up at the top of your search list, because it does not necessarily mean that it is [...]

16 June 2016


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