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Researcher Michael Salla Reveals Secret Space Operations In Antarctica

Australian PhD Michael Salla is one of the most renowned researchers in the field of exopolitics (this is, the study of the relations between humans and alien civilisations) and secret programs involving military agencies and extraterrestrial delegations.

In his most recent book titled Antarctica's Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs, Mr Salla explores the complex operations that military corporations have been performing in the last 60 years. According to his research, a “corporate space program” was created using highly-developed ancient technology and, most surprisingly, alien artefacts.

“In 1955, as a result of a secret agreement reached between the Eisenhower Administration and a German breakaway group in Antarctica, a transnational corporate space program began to emerge”, Mr Salla explains. “The secret infusion of personnel and resources from US military contractors into Antarctica allowed this transnational corporate program to steadily grow into a major space power, which would eventually surpass and eclipse the secret space programs run by the US Navy, Air Force, and the classified space programs of other nations”, he adds.

In an article published in December 2017 on Exopolitics.org, the Australian researcher analysed the characteristics of the aforementioned program. According to the results of his investigation, “the Germans had been helped by extraterrestrials, who had supplied them with operational spacecraft for reverse engineering during World War II, and had helped the Germans establish their Antarctica bases”. This fact was kept in secret by governments in order to avoid the political consequences that the fear of a Nazi German revival could cause in the population. “The most powerful nation states of the era, the US, Britain, France and the Soviet Union did not want their citizens to learn that not only had a remnant of Nazi Germany survived World War II, but that its technological achievements in advanced aerospace technologies had become so dominant that the former Allied powers had nothing to match these with”, Mr Salla mentioned.

“The Nazi SS had not been obliterated in World War II, as everyone had been told after the advance of allied armies into Berlin and the 8 May, 1945 capitulation of the rump German government led by Admiral Karl Donitz. Instead, the Nazi SS had been successful in establishing remote bases of operations in Antarctica and South America to continue the secret development of flying saucer technologies, which in 1952 began overflights of major U.S. cities to intimidate the Truman administration into capitulating into Nazi SS demands”, the Australian researcher stated. He also quoted Corey Goode, a famous whistleblower who claims to have worked in a series of secret space programs. “Remnants of the original German Secret Space Program are associated with the Dark Fleet who is mostly stationed outside our solar system and works closely with the Draco [alien civilisation]. The merging of the German Program with American Programs occurred almost immediately. The MIC SSP and groups that later became the ICC only began to build bases in Antarctica in earnest after the 1952 treaty that was signed between the US and the German Break Away Group”, Mr Goode informed.

Finally, Mr Salla believes that the truth about these operations (which he considers as “illegal”) will come to light in the next few years. “Antarctica’s secrets are slowly being revealed by the increasing volcanic activity that is melting the massive ice shelves, exposing ancient artefacts and crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft”, he said. “Full disclosure of Antarctica’s history, and current events involving multiple space programs and transnational corporations, will vitally aid in transforming our planet, and prepare humanity for the major geological events that lie ahead as the melting ice unveils all that has previously been hidden”, he wrote.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.exopolitics.org/new-book-antarcticas-hidden-history-corporate-foundations-of-secret-space-programs/

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