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Signs of Alien Abduction: Writer Marcus Lowth Explains


Last week, more specifically on 11 July, UFO researcher and writer Marcus Lowth published on UFOInsight a very interesting article regarding alien abductions. In the article, Mr Lowth mentions the most common signs of an otherworldly encounter and the way these encounters affect the lives of abductees.

“While you might imagine there would be strong signs of something untoward having occurred following such a traumatic experience as alien abduction, many people, even those who suffer such regular encounters, are not aware of anything out of ordinary”, Mr Lowth expressed. “This, despite what might have been a wealth of ‘signs’ of such events. These signs often lead people to seek hypnotic regression, when very often, a trove of encounters are revealed” he added.

In first place, Mr Lowth asserts that maybe the most common sign is what abductees describe as “missing time”. “There are, of course, the very obvious signs that something isn’t quite right. Such things as “missing time”, for example, where you suddenly realize you can’t account for anywhere from several minutes up to several hours. This is perhaps the single most tell-tale sign of alien encounters and is often what propels people to seek such treatments as hypnotic regression to unlock hidden memories”, he said.

In second place, he mentions the strange marks and scars on different parts of the body. “Any unusual marking on your body is another indicator of strange, otherworldly activity. These are often similar to laser marks from surgical procedures. These can be found anywhere on the body, although they are often found in the nose, arms, or back of the legs near the ankle. Of course, on occasion, these scars are revealed to contain implants just under the skin. Often these implants come to light while investigating completely unrelated health issues as through dental check-ups”, he explained.

Another typical sign is sleep paralysis, which consists in a state of consciousness in which the person is awake, the body does not respond to any stimulus. “This causes instant panic in the person experiencing it, although most episodes last only for several seconds. Many abductees often realize they began experiencing these episodes following their abduction encounter”, Mr Lowth commented.

In fourth place, the ufologist refers to what he calls “sudden gifted abilities”. “As well as the dark paranormal activities are the reports from many of sudden psychic or cosmic abilities. Many people begin to have premonitions of the future, either in visions while awake or in dreams”, he said. “Many abductees also report a sudden ‘cosmic awareness’ – a sudden understanding of the universe and life in general”, he continued.

Finally, the alien researcher explains how serious health issues could be related to alien abductions. “Many alien abductees also suffer a plethora of general health problems. In fact, so normal and trivial are these kinds of ailments that often people will not give them a second thought. Sudden onset of persistent back pain, for example, is often a specific symptom of abductees. As are constant pains in the limbs and neck”, he expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.ufoinsight.com/what-are-the-signs-of-alien-abduction/

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