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Did Aliens Infiuence Leonardo Da Vinci?



Some weeks ago, on 23 July 2018, UFO researcher and writer Marcus Lowth published a very interesting article on famous conspiracy website UFO Insight, in which he broached the hypothesis that Leonardo Da Vinci was assisted by aliens.

Mr Lowth stated that “some researchers go as far as to speculate some kind of extraterrestrial contact, even hybridization, as being the reasons for the plethora of ideas, not seen from one individual, before or since. And while that sounds outlandish nonsense to some, the reasons for these claims are fascinating and go back to Da Vinci himself”.

“Just to underscore how important Leonardo da Vinci’s place in history actually is, is the fact that many of his inventions and blueprints from the late-1400s and early-1500s are still utilized today. For example, he had blueprints for modern machines such as tanks, submarines, and even helicopters. And what’s more, prototypes of these prove they work”, the researcher expressed.

However, the Italian inventor was not only interested in machines. He was also passionate about nature. “This, in part, was due to him being the ‘illegitimate child’ of a nobleman and his peasant mother, which excluded him from attending the prestigious schools of the day. He would, instead, spend hours wandering around the countryside around Florence”, Mr Lowth explained.

A key element in Da Vinci’s life was what some researchers call “The Cave Experience”, a 2-year period (from 1476 to 1478) that is very little documented, but signed his life. “It [Da Vinci’s diary] speaks of when he was wandering around the quiet, open country just outside of Florence before he came upon a dark opening to a large cave. He would write of how he feared what was inside the cave, but how his curiosity outweighed this fear. He would feel a ‘need’ to enter the cave, which he did. We don’t know what happened once inside”, Mr Lowth commented. “There is no record to suggest where he was living during these years, nor whose employment or service he may have been in. What is even more interesting, is when he returned to Florence following this ‘disappearance’ his creativity went into overdrive, taking on the eclectic attitude we know of him today”, he added.

“Some suggest an encounter with an extraterrestrial. […] As some researchers have suggested, might he have discovered a portal allowing time-travel? Might this explain why his blueprints and plans were so far advanced? Because he had seen them with his own eyes?”, the researcher wondered.

Da Vinci was also famous for having left hidden messages in his paintings. And some of these messages make clear reference to what today we know are alien beings, which appear when some of the paintings are put in front of a mirror. “The fact that these aliens are disguised through the mirror techniques perhaps suggests a “real” disguise in reality. Is it suggesting that those who rule over us – which at the time would have been the royal houses of Europe, using the “divinity” of the Church as a method of control – are extraterrestrials in disguise?”, Mr Lowth said.

“Are the ‘reptilians’ actually what we recognize as ‘grey aliens’? It is perhaps also worth bearing in mind the claims that many Hollywood filmmakers hide messages within their work. Again, if we accept these claims to be true, why would Da Vinci be any different?”, the author of the report claimed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.ufoinsight.com/conspiracies-and-extraterrestrial-links-to-leonardo-da-vinci/

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