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Alien Civilisations Discussed Humanity's Future In Secret Meetings

Australian investigator Dr Michael Salla makes a shocking revelation: “multiple alien delegations” have been meeting in recent times so as to “discuss humanity’s future in light of the ending of 22 genetic experiments run by multiple human-looking extraterrestrial civilizations”.

Mr Salla affirmed that Corey Goode, a famous abductee who claims to be the spokesperson for the Sphere Being Alliance (a group of alien beings with high levels of consciousness), gave him information about the most recent meetings, which took place on 16 December in an unidentified place near Jupiter, and on 19 and 21 December somewhere in Saturn. According to Mr Goode, over 60 “human-looking extraterrestrial delegations” participated in the two events.

The Australian researcher stated that in the first encounter the main topic was the end of alien experiments on Earth. “At the Super Federation meeting, Goode said he was told [by the Sphere Being Alliance] to relay to the assembled extraterrestrial delegations that their long term genetic experiments involving humanity needed to come to an end, and that humanity would be left alone to determine its own future”, Mr Salla wrote. “Despite some initial protests, Goode revealed that this decision was accepted by the Super Federation, making it possible for another diplomatic meeting a few days later (19-21 December, 2017) where the process for creating a new Super Federation governing human affairs would begin”, he added.

In this second meeting, Mr Goode, with a group of 40 Inner Earth individuals (alleged human descendants who live in the interior of our planet) went to a place near Saturn, where the event was held. “At this Saturn meeting, Goode says he was chosen once again to play the spokesperson for the Sphere Being Alliance members before the assembled delegates. The three Blue Avians and Golden Triangle beings that were present said they would be leaving our physical reality and would be replaced by another two members of the Sphere Being Alliance”, explained Mr Salla. “All present at the Saturn meeting were subsequently introduced by Goode to the new Sphere Being Alliance members who ‘began to give us some cosmic ground rules for going forward’”, he commented.

“They [the new members of the Sphere Being Alliance] would be responsible for assisting humanity in an unprecedented era where it would not be dominated by competing extraterrestrial groups. Essentially, humanity would be fully informed about the truth of their global situation, and would then be able to determine its future free of corrupt elites and extraterrestrial interference”, the Australian PhD mentioned. “Goode was told that a new, and more representative Super Federation would be assembled. Then the newly liberated and now awakened humanity would interact on a more equal basis with the different extraterrestrial groups, and would be joined by representatives from the nearby 52 star systems”, he expressed.

Finally, according to Mr Salla, in addition to all these radical changes, one of the most shocking events caused by this new order would be the rapprochement between the aforementioned Inner Earth inhabitants and our civilization. “The Inner Earth beings will be represented in this expanded Super Federation, presumably opening the door for them to further interact with surface humanity, and publicly reveal themselves in the near future”, Mr Salla stated.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.exopolitics.org/secret-diplomatic-meeting-near-saturn-discussed-humanitys-future/

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