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Experts Explain The Effects Of Alien Implants

Throughout history, hundreds of people have claimed to have been abducted and implanted by aliens. For this reason, many researchers have also dedicated countless hours of study to the analysis of these cases, so as to find a scientific explanation to this strange phenomenon.

In an article published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online website, researches Eve Lorgen and M. Francis discussed the physical effects of extraterrestrial implants in humans and their subsequent removal.

They analysed the works of Dr Roger Leir, a famous podiatrist and UFO researcher who has been performing surgeries to remove implants for over 30 years. They focused in four cases: a 47-year-old man from Houston called Pat Parrinellio, a 52-year-old woman under the pseudonym of Mary Jones and a couple of women from California, Dorothy O’Hara and Alice Levy.

In reference to the first two people, Dr Leir expressed: “the findings of these implant surgeries are highly unusual. In all these cases, there was virtually no inflammatory response”. According to his research, what he found was that “the metallic objects were encased in a very dense, tough, grey membrane consisting of proteinaceous coagulum, hemoseridin and pure keratin. More simply, blood protein and skin cells that are usually found in the superficial layer of the skin”.

“The tough, biological “cocoons” encasing the implants were also found to contain nerve proprioceptors – nerve and pressure cells of the wrong tissue type for that part of the body”, he explained. “These implant cocoons also fluoresced a bright green color in the presence of an ultraviolet light source”, he added.

However, the findings regarding Ms O’Hara and Ms Levy were different. These two women had crista-like spheroid objects that “did not contain the tough, biological outer jackets, or fluoresce from a UV light source”.

“These types of implants (possibly biological) also lacked the expected inflammatory response, according to the pathology reports. The crystalline-like object excised from the foot in the most recent surgery, also lacked the tough, grey, outer membrane and had virtually no inflammatory response, as in the other implant surgeries”, Ms Lorge and Mr Francis stated. “Test results from the first set of implants revealed that the lammelar, needle shaped metallic objects in question are basically meteoric in origin, containing at least eleven different elements”, they said.

Unfortunately, after the removal, all the patients continued to have alien-related experiences. Ms Levy said: “I retired to bed early due to a headache. My husband awoke at 1:00 AM because the whole bedroom lit up like daylight. He looked at the clock, reached over to touch me and found that I was gone. Paradoxically, my husband quickly went back to sleep. The next day I felt very ill. I don’t recall anything during the night, but I noticed the next day that my dog had nervously clawed several areas in the house, as if he were trying to escape something frightening”.

The research also revealed that the abductees also suffered from physical and mental diseases long time after their experience. “The two women who had the ‘biological’ type implants removed, experienced strikingly similar post surgical changes, involving shooting pains and reddening of the incision scar for a short period of time”, the ufologists expressed.

“The important thing to consider here, is the whole clinical picture”, they commented. “Over reliance on the physical test results of the implants alone are not substantial enough to solve the implant mystery – let alone the question of the alien presence. If not, then what is? The lives and experiences of the abductees themselves, tell us that we need to stop and listen. The answer lies somewhere in between science and the hearts of the people”, they opined.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://www.mufon.com/alien-implants/alien-implant-removals-before-and-after-effects


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