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Alien Abductions: Researcher Felipe Osorio Reveals The Truth


Early in February, UFO researcher Felipe Osorio published a video on YouTube channel 2nd Earth, in which he analyses a very disturbing phenomenon that has been creating controversy among general public: alien abductions.

“Instantly, when you think about alien abductions, all kinds of thoughts are evoked: for example, feelings of visual, nightmarish scenes of these bug-looking creatures doing sexual experimentation”, he stated. “Sexually humiliating experiments is one of the most common attributes regarding alien abductions”, he added.

In the opinion of Mr Osorio, the idea of strange beings coming from outer space to perform such experiments in Earth is one of the most difficult things to accept. “From an outside perspective, it seems very difficult for sceptics to accept these ideas, since their entire paradigm of existence on this planet would have to be shattered by this realisation that they are not the top predators to have access on this planet. And if the top predators are the aliens, then our entire home planet is almost like a rat cage of experimentation”, he explained.

The ufologist then proceeded to discuss a very interesting topic: why are aliens always depicted like humanoid creatures? According to him, this could be explained by the concept of “convergent evolution”. “Convergent evolution states that animals completely unrelated to each other, like can actually resemble each other if they are in similar environments. Now, I would expect that any biological unit living in a warm, mid-gravity, land-based environment that is at least as smart as us would likely have to be upright due to the basic circulatory needs, not to mention the needs of allowing appendages to be free to create tools”, Mr Osorio theorised.

On the other hand, he opined that abductions could also be related to spiritual issues. “I have always believed that it is very difficult to separate alien abductions from spirituality, only because the very mechanisms to which alien abductions often happen have spiritual undertones”, he claimed. “I mean, think about it: the aliens can go through walls, like ghosts. They defy the laws of physics and they beam you up into a light, like you are… Jesus Christ!” he continued.

“Also, historically, when you examine certain pieces of art, it is really difficult to interpret if what I am seeing is some kind of religious scene or some kind of abduction”, the researcher commented. “It is very difficult to separate the two ideas, especially when you see people taking mushrooms and apparently talking to intellectual entities”, he expressed.

Finally, Mr Osorio established parallelisms on the similarities between alien abductions and animal experiments performed by humans. “Think about it: whether from our own experimentation or for the benefits of another species, how many times have humans studied animal species in depth without, at one point or another, actually abducting the animal itself to extract its semen or eggs? You see? I would say very, very rarely that happens”, he said.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBpBuDRx8Zw

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