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Upcoming Solar Flash Events Will Lead To Full Alien Disclosure, Researcher Michael Salla Affirms


A couple of months ago, famous Australian UFO researcher PhD Michael Salla published on his website Exopolitics.org a very interesting article about a future event that could change the destiny of mankind.

According to an anonymous informer called Corey Goode (an alleged abductee who claims to have worked in secret joint projects involving aliens and military), a coming Solar flash will reportedly cause a series of shocking events that will finally lead to a “full alien disclosure”.

“During my meeting on the LOC [Lunar Operation Command] while giving my briefing the time frame of 2018-2023/24 arose because of the new information shared with me by the Anshar [alien race]. I was told that the Elite had expected the final “solar sneeze” to occur at the end of this Solar Minimum period (2018/2019 from their estimates)”, Mr Goode stated. “They [the Anshars] described the solar blast being so powerful that it caused a physical pole shift on the Earth of several degrees. They described the atmosphere being breached by the CME [Coronal Mass Ejection] in the Northern Hemisphere which caused massive fires that wipe out a large area and in doing so knocks out all technology on the planet. There was a fair amount of loss of life in the actual event”, he added.

This catastrophic incident, in the opinion of Mr Goode, will “knock out the A.I. [Artificial Intelligence] and will allow beings from the Super Federation to openly assist the survivors”. “Once removed, all of the beings influenced by the A.I. will be confused and in a weakened state. This will allow the Super Federation (mostly our cosmic cousins at this point) to arrive on Earth openly without being attacked by the various ‘A.I. Prophet’ species that currently infest our planet”, he said.

“A large percentage of our surviving population, the people that did not fare well in the final solar event, will apparently rebel by hacking their own DNA and creating designer body effects as well as purposely mixing all human races. This mixing is said to go on for a number of generations before it causes a genetic degenerative disease that seemed to be a form of failsafe built in by a few of the original Super Federation members”, the whistleblower affirmed. “This will force that group of humans to then request assistance from one ET Group who also assists them in catching up to the part of the population that fared better. After that rough patch, according to the Anshar, we enter our own ‘Consciousness Renaissance’ that truly turns into the Golden Age of Humanity”, he continued.

To Mr Salla, these revelations are certainly concerning, and he points out that the Anshars lived a similar experience a long time ago. This is the reason why, he explains, they tried to warn humanity about it. “Most fascinating is how Corey discusses the nexus between our immediate future, and how this corresponds to the Anshar’s past, given that they are our descendants who time traveled into the remote past (18 million years BCE) to maintain a positive time line”, he commented. “It appears that they and we have been largely successful in maintaining this positive time line, and that they will likewise be very helpful in assisting with the coming global events given their intimate knowledge of the timeline we are currently traversing”, he asserted.

“It does appear that the upcoming Solar Maximum, which is expected to peak around 2023/2024, is going to be life changing for all of us on the planet”, the Australian PhD expressed. “It therefore behooves us to take the necessary steps to deal with such contingencies”, he mentioned.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.exopolitics.org/the-coming-solar-flash-the-galactic-federation-qa-with-corey-goode/

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