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UFO Disclosure In Canada Has Begun, Researcher John Wheeler Claims


On 05 April, Canadian UFO researcher John Wheeler published on YouTube a very interesting video in which he analyses what he calls a “full alien disclosure” in Canada.

According to Mr Wheeler, such alien disclosure “has already begun”, and been influenced by US government interests. “Our Canadian government is like the sister government to USA, so we follow their lead no matter what happens”, the researcher stated. “For years, everybody knows they [US and Canada governments] have been hiding UFO events and crashes, and everything that has to do with aliens and UFOs”, he added.

Mr Wheeler also commented that other countries have been slowly revealing official information about extraterrestrial life. However, Canada and the USA still continue hiding their reports. “Some countries on the other side of the world have been disclosing like crazy their UFO sightings and crashes, and what has been happening in the military. Countries like Germany, Russia, Italy and France are slowly spoon-feeding the idea about extraterrestrials to the general public way before us”, he expressed. Nonetheless, in his opinion, mass media work very hard to block this sort of information. “News channels or public channels are being corrupted by the government. So, they have been for years now trying to stop the information from other countries getting to us”.

He then went on to explain some details on the famous Falcon Lake incident of 1967, and how it inspired the creation of a commemorative CA$ 20 coin that was released just a couple of months ago. “There are lots of bizarre things that happen. What Canada has done to commemorate that incident is to come up with a coin. Yes, the Canadian government just released this CA$ 20 coin about a UFO sighting in 1967”, he said. “Here is the crazy thing: the Canadian government, like the USA government, has for so long said ‘no, we don’t know anything about UFOs”; but now this coin comes out”, he continued.

“This is when the disclosure begins. It is funny it happens in Canada. I thought the USA was going to be the leader, the lead hand on disclosure, but it does not look like it. It looks like Canada is going to begin it”, the ufologist commented. “They are slowly introducing the concept of disclosure. They are doing it now by a coin, but they have already done it by movies and by music videos. I don’t know if people are getting the hint or if people just think is a video and it is not a big deal, but believe me, they disclose a lot of truth”, he claimed.

Finally, Mr Wheeler showed his feelings about this issue, and said that “a massive disclosure” will happen this summer. “I am so excited that Canada did it before the USA, and it came up in the form of a coin. I know it is to memory a past UFO sighting, but think about it: this is a huge deal, bigger than what people realise. On a higher level, it is a big deal”, he asserted. “It is going to happen, and I have the feeling it is going to happen this summer. Yes, we are going to have a massive disclosure happening this summer”, he added.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G-_ZqdV7A0

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