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Triangular, Antigravity Craft Spotted Over Orlando, Florida


Australian researcher PhD Michael Salla on 17 March 2018 published an article on Exopolitics.org in which he analyses a series of images of a  very strange flying object that was seen hovering over the American city of Orlando, Florida.

According to Mr Salla, the photos sent by a source he calls JP show a secret antigravity craft produced by the United States Air Force (USAF). “The photos show a craft estimated by JP to be flying/hovering at an altitude 2000-5000 feet high, and the size of two jumbo jets”, Mr Salla stated. “JP says that he had a missing time experience of approximately 30 minutes before taking the photo. On previous occasions where he has had missing time, he has been able to subsequently recall being taken on board the craft of a U.S. Air Force run secret space program, or cylindrical craft of alleged Nordic extraterrestrials”, he added.

The images provided by the unknown informer show a dark, triangle-shaped craft which clearly looks like a project patented in the United States in 2004. “The symmetrical geometry of the craft in JP’s photos, the smooth edges, the apparent width of the craft, and some kind of large hemisphere generator in the centre, is all very similar to the 2004 patent design for a Triangle Spacecraft”, the Australian researcher asserted. In his opinion, “the way in which the craft moved and the energy pulse it created suggests it is not an airplane, but an antigravity craft similar to a TR-3B”.

“Coincidentally, the photos were taken only three days after President Donald Trump gave a speech calling for the creation of a Space Force, which I discussed in my previous article as a step towards disclosure of the US Air Force run secret space program. This raises the possibility that JP’s sightings are part of a USAF backed disclosure initiative that is being supported by the Trump administration”, the university professor wrote.

In an article published in October 2017, Mr Salla explained how the man called JP obtained information about these secret programs. “JP claims that after a period of working with covert operatives in building several devices, he decided to stop. His extraterrestrial contacts continued, and he next began experiencing multiple military abductions”, he commented. “According to JP, he has a “friend” at MacDill Air Force Base [US Central Command Base] who claims to be part of the USAF Secret Space Program (SSP), and has passed along sensitive information to him. I believe this friend is JP’s handler, and/or someone feeding him information for public dissemination”, he continued.

“The photos he [JP]has been supplying me have been steadily improving in quality, and so I feel it is now appropriate to begin publicly releasing and discussing some of JP’s experiences and information”, Mr Salla expressed. “JP wishes to remain anonymous given he has a wife and young family, and I have communicated with his wife by phone. She has had great difficulty in accepting JP’s experiences but acknowledges their reality and significance for him”, he claimed.

“I have known JP since 2008 and believe him to be a credible source who has had numerous experiences with both craft belonging to a US Air Force run secret space, and alleged Nordic extraterrestrials”, Mr Salla affirmed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.exopolitics.org/photos-of-triangle-shaped-antigravity-craft-over-orlando-florida/

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