28 March 2019 Posted By : Nirmal Narayanan

Reality about alien life will question everything learned in schools and churches, says researcher

Scott C Waring, a self-proclaimed extraterrestrial researcher operating from Taiwan, is slowly emerging as one of the most popular figures among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. For the past couple of years, Waring has spotted various anomalies on NASA images taken from the Mars and the moon, and it has made many people believe that advanced alien civilisations are actually a reality.

Recently, Waring spotted some strange structures on the lunar surface, and interestingly most of these bizarre structures are actually square-shaped. After making this discovery, Waring alleged that NASA is intentionally adding too much light to moon photos so that these strange structures can be hidden from alien researchers.

'NASA added too much light to the photo on purpose in order to cause many of the areas of the photo to appear as white/grey and unclear. Thus bring it back into the proper light and focus creates the original photo as it was first taken. You will notice that the aliens built the structures square partitions. Much like remaking a house and moving the parts to the location to create it. This may be proof that the structures were created somewhere else, then brought to the moon to put together," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

Waring revealed that he found these structures several weeks back, but was hesitant to publish them on his website fearing public panic. As per Waring, understanding the reality about aliens and extraterrestrial existence will question everything humans learned from schools and churches.

"I actually found this several weeks ago but hesitated till now to publish it. I was worried some people may panic. The biggest fear is not aliens attacking earth, its that they exist when science says they should not. It causes the person to call into question everything they ever learned in school, church, TV, from friends...and how aliens must have already influenced the direction humanity is currently travelling without anyone ever knowing," added Waring.

Waring has claimed several times that NASA is covering up secrets about alien life and had recently urged United States President Donald Trump to make him the head of the space agency. Waring also assured that he will unveil all the mysteries regarding alien life if he gets appointed as the NASA head.

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