27 May 2019 Posted By : Sebastian Kettley

Aliens PROOF? UFO expert is stunned by 'AMAZING' alien creature - 'What could it be?'

investigator and UFO-hunter Scott C Waring was impressed by a 15-year-old photo of what is supposed to be a bipedal extraterrestrial. The bizarre photo, dated May 10, 2004, was snapped in the Parque Forest in Santiago, Chile, by German Pereira. The now infamous picture has been at the heart of debates since it was taken nearly two decades ago. Mr Waring, who runs the blog ET Database, shared the picture online in a bid to spread what he said is a “historical sighting of an alien”.

The self-titled UFOlogist said: “Let’s try to zoom in on the little fella.

“I was wondering myself, is this a squirrel? Because I’ve seen squirrels in videos standing up on end, standing up on two back legs, and to me, if it’s a squirrel it has no tail. It has no tail.

“And it doesn’t look like a squirrel to me. It doesn’t look like a squirrel.

“It could be a rat but I don’t think rats have that long legs. I see rats all the time when I’m exercising at the park – they don’t look like that.”

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