23 April 2020 Posted By : Peter Tremblay

Nova Scotia rampage took place around reported alien UFO activity

At least 18 people died in a murderous rampage of a supposedly successful central Nova Scotia dentist.

One might ask what would motivate such an intelligent, respected and apparently well-liked member of a rural community to inflict such a premeditated carnage.

Furthermore, wouldn't such a well educated professional know that the ending would not turn out very well for him?

Didn't he have a reasonably good life and many things to live for compared to so many other people who would not commit such a heinous act?

And how could a dentist create such an apparently brilliant counterfeit of an RCMP vehicle that could fool veteran RCMP officers?

What kind of clinical mind could mimic the mass production manufacturing processes of the facilities which normally produce RCMP vehicles?

In the November 19, 2019 edition of The Chronicle Herald and Roger Ward and his wife Amy Maloney reported being shaken-up after witnessing what they described to be as "alien UFO activity" in Indian Brook.

Indian Brook is along Highway 102 and not that far from Enfield where the dentist was basically "executed" in apparent close range by the RCMP.

In my view such abnormal activity suggests that the inpidual's body was taken over by a manipulative alien.

I have seen it before and documented the phenomenon in my new book Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst.

In my book I documented a Kanata, Ontario man who became "irrationally" fearful of an "extraterrestrial threat".

An alien consciousness would randomly pop into his body and motivate him to assault his wife and stab his son.

During the times of the alien possession his eyes would bulge out of his head.

Such reportedly manipulative aliens seek to take over human bodies to feed-off of the negative energy associated with their demonic activities.

The Nova Scotia rampage has the appearance of a manipulative alien AI simulation.

The intelligence which produced and was able to conceal that vehicle and then to perpetrate such heinous act is consistent with the kind of technologically sophisticated and demonic Artificial Intelligence (AI) described by both Nigel Kerner, David Icke and Dr. Michael Salla.

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