19 December 2020 Posted By : Peter Ellerton

Mystery monoliths: Similar phenomena from the past explain why they are not a big deal

The three recent appearances (and two subsequent removals) of “monoliths” in Romania, Utah and California are intriguing examples of what can capture the public’s imagination.

These constructions are metallic-looking structures about three or four metres tall, with a simple geometric design and reflective surface.

They will look familiar to fans of Arthur C Clarke’s Space Odyssey novels, sharing an uncanny resemblance to a monolithic structure pivotal to the story.

Adding to the mystery, the Utah monolith was reportedly in place long before it came to light on November 18. While its location was not announced, members of the public found Google Earth images of the object dating back to 2016.

So far, no credible source has suggested the structures are a product of alien technology or supernatural influence. And unlike with UFO sightings and Area 51 news, governments have not been accused of a cover-up.

So even though Google Trends data shows global search interest in “monolith” has shot up since the structures were found, they are not yet the subject of widespread conspiracy. And a reflection of past similar phenomena suggests they will not be.

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