26 November 2019 Posted By : Ethan Huff

Analysis finds that pharmaceutical drugs are destroying the environment – where are all the environmental activists?

(Natural News) If you’re reading this and are the type of person who desperately wants to save the planet from a “climate catastrophe,” listen up: One of the biggest polluters in the world today is the pharmaceutical industry. And the pollution is the residue of billions of doses of chemical pills that end up in the freshwater ecosystems that sustain our global food chain.

Even if you’re not a climate alarmist, this information is for you, too. As millions of people lament about cows, gas-powered vehicles, and other alleged causes of “global warming,” Big Pharma is the biggest elephant in the room that continues to get a free pass from the “climate experts” telling us all to become vegetarians and accept a global government that claims to have all the “answers” and “solutions.”

As it turns out, upwards of 90 percent of the active ingredients contained in the pills that many people take every day for their “health” end up being excreted back into the environment. And when we say environment, we mean the natural ecosystems that all lifeforms, including humans, need in order to live.

What this means is that the pharmaceutical drug cartels are getting away with drugging the entire planet without anyone’s consent, while simultaneously destroying a major source of our sustenance: freshwater.

According to a data analysis conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), pharmaceutical residues are now being found virtually everywhere in our natural environment. This is clearly problematic because all of these chemical drug residues end up right back in the food chain, at concentrations and in combinations that have unknown detrimental effects on humans.

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