30 April 2020 Posted By : Kim Hjelmgaard

Swedish official Anders Tegnell says 'herd immunity' in Sweden might be a few weeks away

Sweden, unlike its Nordic neighbors Denmark and Norway – and virtually every other country in the western world – has resisted extensive lockdown restrictions to stem the coronavirus outbreak. Instead, it's largely kept society, including schools and restaurants open, and relied on voluntary social-distancing measures that appeal to the public's sense of self-restraint. Polls show the strategy is broadly supported by most Swedes. 

Scientists in Sweden and abroad have accused the country of dangerously pursuing "herd immunity" – the idea that by building a broad base of recovered infections in society the disease will eventually stop spreading because a majority of people will not be susceptible. "Herd immunity" is usually achieved by vaccination and takes place when a large enough percentage of the population are immune.  

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