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5G and Active Denial Systems: The Truth About The 5G Rollout

As the 5G Wireless Agenda pushes forward, the debate heats up. It's an interesting “debate” because we don't see any valid argument that 5G is actually safe, just that it's somehow necessary?

Of course it's clear that many people right now are not paying close enough attention to this and might just think this is all about getting the newest phone with faster speeds and better functionality – but it is time to wake up and realize that it has nothing to do with that and this is more like the wireless industry setting up an entirely new system which involves a massive number (20,000?) of new satellites which interact with literally tens of millions of new cellular transmitters. This grand experiment of untested technology is in my opinion completely insane.

But let's put some context on that conclusion…

Active Denial Systems are a military technology which uses millimeter waves (the frequency range of 5G) to literally broadcast a wave beam at a crowd that heats the outer layer of their skin to the point of burning to force crowd dispersal. If you think that technology isn't real, think again and do some research. In fact, this type of technology using directed energy first from microwaves has been in development for many decades.

Here's David Icke's recent video on this subject which I tweaked to start where he is discussing this specific topic (simply restart the video to play the whole thing once you get the reference here – it's worth watching in its entirety) then below we'll dig into some more references:

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