17 September 2020 Posted By : Cassie B.

With COVID-19 vaccine looming, worries intensify over potential mandates

(Natural News) As the world inches closer to developing a COVID-19 vaccine, we are also on the brink of facing the very disturbing prospect of a push for mandatory vaccination.

President Trump told the military to prepare for the delivery of as many as 200 million doses of the vaccine, which they hope will be ready by the end of the year “for everybody that wants to get it.”

But what about those who don’t want it?

Roughly $10 billion of taxpayer money has been poured into the development of a vaccine and other therapeutics. Right now, 45 different clinical trials using public funds are underway.

There is a lot of doubt about the efficacy and safety of a vaccine that is being developed so quickly that the project working on it is known as Operation Warp Speed. Scientist have been trying and failing for two decades to come up with a safe coronavirus vaccine, and it seems unlikely that they would have managed to suddenly find something acceptable in mere months.

In fact, it isn’t even clear whether such a vaccine could create the kind of immune response it needs to in order to offer full protection. Some people who have recovered from the virus are being infected again, which means the antibodies may not offer a long-term protection.

The leader of the World Health Organization’s response to the epidemic, Dr. David Heymann, said: “We don’t even know if a vaccine can produce an immune response which would protect against future infection.”

And when you consider the safety record of vaccines that have been around for many years, it’s only logical to worry that a rushed vaccine will be even worse. AstraZeneca recently paused the third phase of its clinical trials of the vaccine they’ve been working on after a trial participant developed a “potentially unexplained” illness.

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