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Canada and Australia: Two Untapped Gaming Markets With the Same Legal Issues

Online gambling is a massive industry, with billions of dollars in both taxes and profits generated each year. In countries where it is regulated, that is - because several major markets are inaccessible for gaming operators. One of them is the US, where the market is allegedly kept closed by land-based casino firms that actively lobby against online gaming regulation. The other two are Canada and Australia, which both keep offshore operators in a legal "gray zone", and miss out on hundreds of millions in tax revenues each year.

The best Aussie online casino is... not Aussie at all

To try one of the best rated Aussie online casino, you need to visit https://au.royalvegascasino.com/. Licensed in Malta, one of the strictest and most restrictive jurisdictions of the European Union, it is the textbook case of a reputable, reliable online gaming partner. Operated by a Maltese holding company, the Royal Vegas Casino offers players from all over the world the best and latest games, the most attractive bonuses and promotions, and most importantly peace of mind.

And the Royal Vegas Casino is the preferred destination for Australian casino players. So much so, that it accepts deposits in Australian dollars, and makes payouts in the same currency. But the Australian laws don't allow it to obtain a gambling license - which banishes it to the "gray zone". This means that it is not in any way regulated by the Australian laws, but locals are allowed to take their business to them - outside the country. And by "business" I mean money - millions in tax revenues that are not collected by the Australian government.

And Aussie players have no choice but play at the Royal Vegas Casino and its likes, as the current Aussie laws don't allow any online casinos to operate locally.

Canada has started in the right direction

Canadians also love to play online, and they are legally allowed to do so. But when it comes to operators, the local government is the only one allowed to provide such services. Several provinces have launched their own online casinos in the last few years, but they failed to live up to the competition: they fall behind both in player benefits, cross-platform availability and game variety. So, Canadians are still going where they get the better service for their money: offshore.

While some players have chosen to play at local operators, the majority still values quality services and superior game variety over patriotism. Which leaves the Royal Vegas Casino and similar gaming destinations the operators of choice for many Canadian players. Not to mention the fact that the provincial lotteries' casinos are only accessible to people living in the respective province, leaving some of them - like the inhabitants of Alberta - with nothing but going offshore for some gaming.

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