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A Recent History of Gambling Advertising

Gambling advertising is as old as gambling itself. From the first “Step right up folks” yelled in a crowded town square to all the modern online ads and social media marketing campaigns, there were quite a few creative tricks used over the years.

That being said, it has been far more difficult for those in the gambling industry to reach out to their target audience in recent decades, mainly because gambling advertising has to abide by the laws and regulations that vary from country to country.

Let’s face it, there is a certain stigma attached to gambling, even though it has been present in one form or another in virtually every culture across the globe for a millennia. This is why gambling advertising has evolved dramatically in recent years, in an effort to present the gambling industry as more trustworthy and consumer-friendly.

So, let’s take a look at the major developments in the recent history of gambling advertising to get a better understanding of how far it has really come.

Modern Gambling Marketing

Let’s start with the definition of gambling advertising. It includes any promotion of activities that take bets as part of a chance to win money. The object of the promotion can be a casino, sports bets, lottery, etc. When it comes to the variety of marketing channels through which gambling is being advertised today, everything is included. Starting from outdoor hoarding and brochures, to television ads, online banners, and social media campaigns.

In this line of business, we have seen some establishments pull out some incredible stunts. Do you remember that woman that has tattooed a logo of one casino on her forehead? Then there was that streaker with a temporary casino tattoo that performed at a UEFA Cup Final. All of these events took place in the early 2000s. Simply put, “Gamble online at Casino Room” is not going to cut it anymore. Subtle Gambling Advertising

Today, there are no extraordinary marketing strategies regarding gambling. The entire industry has switched, as it seems, to subtler ways. Gambling advertising has evolved into an informative form which is way less aggressive when compared to gambling advertising from 10 years ago.

This informative gambling advertising is focusing now on informing potential customers of the perks they will get for free if they either register online or use a one-time-only coupon when they visit their establishment. This advertising method is especially popular in online gambling. Many online casino owners have adopted bonuses as a primary promotional tool. While this method is nothing new on the market since we have seen it in numerous industries, it has proven to work well in this line of business.

More Advanced Approach

Casino owners have figured out that there is no marketing strategy that will result in taking as much money from the players as possible. We can see from current developments that they have instead turned on building trust.

Gambling advertising is mainly focused on passing on the information about the casinos or other types of gambling establishments. Developing enjoyable and secure online platforms where people can enjoy themselves, relax, and become better and more successful as gamblers seems to be the most effective form of gambling advertising. This is based on the sharing culture of today’s time.

Current marketing strategies are incorporating everything from Web design and development to HR and sales.

Providing Valuable Content for the Players

Another trend in gambling advertising that has recently emerged is content marketing. We can see many casinos now extending their hand to their players by offering them unique and valuable content. Adding a simple blog section to the official website of a casino, where players can read about tactics and the latest news is a great start.

Leaving the comments section below every blog post is a viable tactic to engage the players in a discussions which proved to be very fruitful for the business. By doing so, online casinos build trust with the players and also add the much appreciated human touch to the entire scenario. Unlike terrestrial casinos were human contact is always there, online establishments had to adopt this strategy.

Legal Obstacles

The main obstacle for gambling advertisers is the law. It is the only logical follow-up, since gambling is also regulated by law. We have decided to mention the existence of legal obstacles, because they shape gambling advertising as we know it.

In many cases, casinos need special licenses to be able to advertise in foreign countries. In some countries, let’s take Australia for example, advertising for both online and terrestrial casinos is regulated by different laws for each state and territory.

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