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Watch out for the pitfalls of online gambling

The world of online gambling is filled with mysteries, legends, and pure misinformation. We’ve all heard stories about scams, huge jackpot wins, free bonuses, and problems with withdrawing winnings from the casino account. It’s thrilling and chilling at the same time, and as human beings - what we don’t know, scares us.

Knowledge is power, and knowledge about online gambling is key to avoiding the pitfalls and leave as a winner. This is how to figure out the hidden T’s & C’s, how to beat them pesky bonus wagering requirements, and how to successfully withdraw your winnings onto your bank card.

Common pitfalls and misconceptions when gambling online

The online environment isn’t always as obvious as it should be. A physical casino will always provide an exchange point where you can convert your money into chips and vice versa. An online casino will most often apply T’s & C’s to complicate this supposedly simple transaction.

Reading the Terms and Conditions before an online transaction can prove to be vital. While online shops tend to be straightforward, online entertainment is a different story. Online casinos, in particular, apply seemingly random rules. It can be as complicated as “If you deposit with option A you’re not entitled to a bonus. If you deposit with option B you can get the bonus but you aren’t allowed to make a withdrawal with the same banking option”.

When you visit a casino guide, you’ll be presented with an incredible amount of information. Usually, you’ll have hundreds of casinos to choose from. So which one to pick? Most people go for the biggest bonus offer. It’s a rather obvious choice when not fully familiar with the pitfalls lurking in the T’s & C’s.

On a positive note, though, the importance and application of responsible gambling measures are on the rise among legitimate casinos. Thanks to national regulation, operators are legally bound to provide several measures to prevent abuse and too much play, such as self-limitation, maximum daily/weekly/monthly deposit limits, self-exclusion, and so on. But this doesn’t mean that the casinos won’t try to get you anyway.

Watch out for hidden Terms & Conditions

While the responsible gambling measures only apply to operators, casino guides only have to mention responsible gambling and not enforce it. They can sort of brush off any responsibility. Thankfully, this is also about to change.

New casino comparison sites have to offer something special, and perhaps that’s why the new kid on the block is making such a positive impression on the Canadian casino market. Comparing Canadian casinos in detail is easy when hidden Terms and Conditions are highlighted.

You don’t have to read through lengthy T’s & C’s because you’ll see vital information in clear and easy to understand ways. In a quick glans you’ll know stuff like:

  1. The minimum deposit to get a bonus.
  2. Any maximum withdrawal limits if you’ve played with a bonus.
  3. Freespins spin value and eligible games.
  4. Detailed wagering requirements.
  5. Time limitations.
  6. Deposit and withdrawal options.
  7. Hidden transaction fees

All these bits of information should be considered vital when gambling on online casinos.

Pro’s and Con’s of gambling online

As is with everything in life, there are both pros and cons to gambling online vs. gambling at a physical casino. Without rambling on, we present the following to consider.

Pro’s of gambling online

Many casinos offer freebies, so players can grab a free bonus to try out the casino. There’s even a chance of leaving with some real cash!

Some online casinos offer great bonuses. It’s easy to double or triple your bankroll with bonus money.

The online environment offers an excellent selection of games conveniently presented. With a couple of clicks, we can change from a slot game to an AR-version of live casino monopoly.

Playing online is convenient. We can always access it from wherever we are. Mobile casinos are as functional as the desktop versions and no downloads are required.

The online environment is safe. Casinos apply responsible gambling measures, and you don’t leave a place with your pockets filled with money - running the risk of being spotted and followed and then robbed.

Con’s of gambling online

Due to complicated T’s & C’s, some players find themselves unable to withdraw any winnings. This is most often due to ALM/KYC-issues or bonus abuse.

It’s also more difficult to keep track of digitalized money compared to physical money. It’s perhaps a bit easier to let it run away from you and spend more money than initially planned.

Transaction fees! Most casinos apply transaction fees, which can add up in the long run.

Often times online casinos apply maximum withdrawal limits. Whether they’re daily, weekly, or monthly depends on the casino, but the purpose is to prevent money laundering.

The online environment is lacking in personal interactions. It doesn’t create that “feeling”.

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