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Top tips when claiming casino bonuses

It’s no secret that there is a cut-throat competition between online casinos today. As gaming and telecommunication technologies rapidly evolve, so do these businesses. Besides, more individuals are more ’receptive’ to the idea of gambling online than ever in human history.

The competition for new and existing players is ultimately shaping the gambling industry. The forefront of this battle between online casinos is promotions and bonuses. Casinos heavily rely on offering different kinds of bonuses to attract and keep customers. The best casino sites for this can be discovered at Kabono.com.

As such, players are in the perfect position to take advantage of the many offers thrown at them.

If you are a casino games player or a sports bettor, getting a bonus to boost your chances of winning is one thing. How you claim and use it is a completely different thing. Here is a summary of five tips you can use to make the most of casino bonuses.

1. See the opportunity for what it is

We live in a time when businesses and corporations rarely ever offer anything for free. It is understandable if some offers by online casinos seem too good to be true.

Today’s casinos – especially the trusted brand names – offer great promotions and bonuses that are difficult to resist. As the target customer, it is your responsibility to assess the value in the offer before you take it.

In doing so, you see the bonus or promotion opportunity for what it is – an opportunity. You should be able to gauge how each specific bonus can boost your game, up the odds in a bet, or help you discover something new while having fun. You can find the biggest online casino bonuses here to get a feel of the many different kinds of online casino bonuses.

2. Understand the wagering requirements

So, you decided a casino bonus has some value to your game or bet. What do you do next? Grab the offer and flow with it? Hold your horses!

Before you tap on ‘claim’, there is a small matter of wagering requirements you must understand. Every casino bonus has wagering requirements.

A no deposit bonus, for instance, could have a condition that you must deposit funds once before you can withdraw earnings. A $10 bonus with an x25 requirement to wager means you will have to wager the bonus amount 25 times (a total of $250) before you can cash out.

This is the ‘catch’ that casinos place on bonuses to ensure that they get something out of the offer. As you may have already figured out, bonuses and promotional offers are not ‘free money’ per se.

The bottom line is, it is rarely ever the monetary value of the bonus that matters the most, but the requirements in fine-print. These wagering requirements vary with casino and bonus type.

3. Match every bonus with a winning strategy

Like in everything else, to win your money in a bet or a game requires a formidable playing strategy. Even when using your bonus, you must develop a plan to increase your chances of winning the money back.

There is never a one-size-fits-all strategy you can use to win any casino game or bet. Most professionals have had to spend years developing and fine-tune their strategies. You, too, should follow in their footsteps to come up with strategies for different scenarios.

A proper strategy will help you find the value of the bonus rather than see it as free money. An easier approach would be to redeem a bonus that you can easily incorporate into your gaming strategy. This would be a great way to play a game longer or wager more and win more for less.

4. Have a budget and bankroll

Just because the casino is throwing a lifeline your way does not mean you should throw all caution to the wind. Apply your financial management skills to make the most of your bonus. This may include having a budget as well as a bankroll.

When you budget for the bonus, you will see it as an investment rather than free money. Budgeting is the only way to make proper use of it, especially if you already have funds in your account.

As you set financial and time limits on your budget, do not forget to refer to the wagering requirements of the bonus. The terms of the bonus should never cause you to break your bankroll or playing time limits.

5. Take your time

One of the most glaring limitations that casinos place on bonuses is time. They will often need you to use up the bonus before it expires. A smart player should not let such limitations rush them into making mistakes.

What is the way around it?

Simple. If you are not sure how to or are not ready to use the bonus, take your time before redeeming it. You can bookmark the bonus page or jot down the promotional code to use at a later time.


There are all kinds of casino bonuses you could redeem and use to improve your game, wager more, or play for longer. However, there is the right and wrong way to redeem a bonus. These five ideas sum up the steps you should follow to make the most of any and every bonus that you come across.

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