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Some Of The Casino Games Which Pay Very High

Earlier people used to go to the land based casinos for playing different casino games and win some money. Some players used to earn huge, some used to get moderate, while others used to lose money. Later on, the Internet came and after a few years, technology got further aggravated with the arrival of the Smartphone. People stopped going to the land based casinos and instead, started playing casino games through their Smartphone and Personal computers. Keeping with this trend, many land based casinos have come up with their own website so that their existing players, can play from the comfort of their home, if they so desired.

In addition to this, many small operators also started their own gaming website to attract more players and earn some money. But not all of them are genuine and many have run away with people’s money. So, those want to earn good amount of money from this profession, must join a reputed and reliable website. In this regard, you can join this website casino-online-canada.ca as it is a very reliable website and has got a good reputation in the market for many years. The benefits of joining with a good website is that it can give you good tips and ideas on winning different games and your investment is also safe. You can be sure that you will get your payment on time.

But if you want to earn money, you must know that not all games can give you good return on your investment. First, you must know the games that can give you good return on your money. This article has gone through some of the games where the return on your money is more. Let us have a look at some of these games.

Video Poker

It is one of the best games which give a very high return on your investment. The payback which it offers is of very high percentage and the most attractive part is that it is offered in different variations. You will be surprised to know that this real money video poker can offer even 100% RTP in the form of some variants. Some of these variants include Full-pay Deuces Wild as it offers RTP of 100.76%. There are also variants like 10/7 Double Bonus which offers 100.17% and 10/6 double double bonus which offers 100.07%. Once you play through these variants, you are bound to get sure profit on your investment.

Here is an example of some other variants of video poker –

  • One Eyed Jacks – offering 99.98% RTP
  • Super Aces – sure of minimum 99.94% RTP
  • Triple Deuces Wild – 99.92% RTP is guaranteed
  • Double Joker Wild – assured of 99.91% return
  • Triple Triple Bonus – 99.75% RTP with guaranteed profits
  • There may be more variants which you can know by consulting with some senior players who have experience and are experts in playing video poker. The most attractive part is that many of these games are available online and you can play from remote destination. The only difficult part is that these games need some strategy to play and those things you will have to learn from some senior and experienced player.


    Blackjack also offers a great return on investment and is not far behind video poker. In many cases, it has been seen that it surpasses the RTP of video pker under special circumstances. Generally, it has been seen that the rules play a very important factor in determining the RTP in Blackjack. The RTP can vary from one table to the next. In that case, you must know the rules which may or may not favour you.

    Let us discuss about some of the important rules of Blackjack that may affect the percentage of winning and accordingly, the RTP. Now let us have a look at some of the rules.

    • Natural blackjack payout – Here the payout is 3:2 and it can raise the RTP by a small amount of 1.4%
    • Number of decks – If you play in the single deck tables, chances are there that your RTP will increase by 0.5% than the eight deck games. 
    • Dealer’s action on soft 17 – If the dealer stands in soft 17, it will increase the RTP by 0.2%. 
    • Double down after splitting (DAS) – This is a very unique method and it can increase the RTP by a small amount of 0.17%. 
    • Re-splitting aces – If the races are made to re-splitting, your chance of increasing the RTP will go up by 0.08%. 

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