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4 tips to play online casino on your mobile phones

Since its conception, mobile technology has continually evolved from bulky devices that could only make phone calls to the incredible range of smartphones on offer today. With just one smartphone, people can conduct various activities from business to finance and entertainment.

The casino industry has equally been disrupted by the increasing adoption of mobile technology, with recent figures indicating that over 82 per cent of the American population own a smartphone. Shifting from a traditional mode of operation to having a stronger online presence has opened up many casino owners to a wider target audience. Besides, the relative ease when compared to going to a physical casino has continued to attract more players, most of who are first-timers.

However, there are many online casinos springing up and all fighting to lay claim to the growing market share, creating the need for differentiators. Whether you are a first-time player or not, you are bound to see different casinos claiming to offer something much better than the other. But before you make the choice of which mobile casino to play at, it is important to scrutinize them properly as one mistake can leave you vulnerable to cyberattacks and online scams.

Typically, reputable sites will have lots of positive reviews from other users about their playing experience. But with the growing number of people who would access these online casinos from their mobile phones, the need to create a highly secure online platform has become more imperative.

If you’re a first-time gambler or a veteran hoping to enjoy popular online casino games on your mobile phone, here are some useful tips to ensure your money and data are secured.

  1. Verify that the online casino has been properly licensed

There are many unlicensed casino operators online; and for unsuspecting players, it is easy to fall victim. Hence, it is necessary to always verify that the online casino you intend to register at has been licensed by the appropriate licensing body.

A licensed online casino would confirm to users that they have been legalized to operate within certain regions and would typically display licensing information at the footer of their website. A licensed online casino is regularly audited to ensure its numbers generator isn’t been tampered with and offers every player a fair chance.

Additionally, licensed online casinos are not only a much safer option for players but provide better customer service—with quicker and helpful response to every inquiry made.

  1. Check that it offers multi-factor authentication

Due to regulatory reasons, every online casino should have multi-factor authentication to protect user’s privacy. This requirement ensures that players who are accessing their accounts are legitimate by providing multiple authentication methods. Some of the most common multi-factor authentication options include face ID, fingerprint scan, a complex password, an OTP-token or a one-time authentication code.

With multi-factor authentication, mobile gamers are protected from payment fraud, identity theft and data privacy breech—all of which can lead to expensive lawsuits to the gaming company from aggrieved customers.

  1. Ensure their payment options are secure

Every reputable casino must have implemented a few security protocols to protect their customer’s confidential information from falling into the hands of hackers. The most common data protection measure being used is Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which has become quite standard across every legitimate website.

This SSL protocol not only builds trusts between the players and the casino operator, but also with regulatory authorities. Always ensure the website you are registering on has “https” at the beginning of the URL as this is what indicates the connection is secure.

  1. Keep your mobile phone safe

Finding a legitimate online casino after checking for all the above isn’t always enough to stay safe online. In fact, in your search, your phone is prone to malware and can be infected without you realising it.

Therefore, it is important to keep your phone protected by installing an anti-malware that would detect and remove any suspicious malware looking to steal your sensitive information.

In conclusion, while a majority of the responsibility to keep players safe falls on casino operators, it is important to still play your part and tread with caution when accessing these sites on your smartphone. Most online casino games have been adapted to suit whatever mobile device you have, so you’re bound to have a pleasant gaming experience despite the smaller play area.

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